Saturday, September 01, 2012

Finds from the Antique shop

Before I took my mother in law lunch the other day I stopped at the local antique shop. It had been a while since I visited and I heard it had a new owner so I was curious. I followed my usual path in search of vintage lace, mother of pearl buttons and anything I could salvage for crazy quilting. I didn't find any of those however I did find some glass jars. One large with a tin lid and a few small ones. I also found another electric chandelier.
I made my way to the front desk and asked if they knew if it was in working order. The woman called the new owner to the desk and tested it for me and YES, it worked. I will switch out the paper light over my porch swing with this one during the winter months. The jars will hold my new found interest in puffy sequins. I am in love with them and don't really know why because they will melt if moistened,LOL. I do plan on searching for more while browsing Tinsel Trading Co in a week or so with my bud Dawn.
 I stopped at the deli and ordered two brown box lunches and enjoyed a relaxing lunch with my mother in law, Belle.
This morning I mailed off the last of the CQ class DVD's. Whew! The poor lady at the post office had quite a lot of stamping to do, but she never said anything negative which was great.
Then I stopped at the European Market in town. It was so muggy and hot I made my way through the crowd quickly. I stopped at a colorful jewelry vendor and bought this neat small fork pendant. Something about it captured my muse so I bought it.
 Next I stopped to grab mom a Frappe and went to visit for a bit. She had a big smile when I pulled the frappe from behind my back. I know it must stink not driving anymore and I know she misses going up town for a treat from time to time so I try to bring them to her.

I just listed my two video classes in my etsy shop for those who missed the online version. The first double disc class has some bloopers and is directed toward the beginner.
 The Accessory case DVD includes adding a metal clasp to any purse project.
  I will offer a few kits for both classes and some hand dyed silk ribbon pretty soon however, if you need a different color, you can order them by calling 810-678-8191. Kits are so convenient instead of having to buy lots of supplies for a project you may not want to do again although I can't imagine after trying crazy quilting that would be  the case :-)
Enjoy your long  Labor Day weekend.


  1. Don't you just love antique stores. I sure do. Just got back from 2 of them this afternoon myself. Picked up some glass dish goodies.

  2. What???!!! Did you say a week!!!!!New York??? AS in next Fri???? Tell me ,tell me....before I burst!!!!!!!


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