Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teaching has many rewards....

As many of you know, teaching has many rewards. However the reward I'm speaking of today is yummy, chocolatey, and I'm thinking is calorie free.....right Annette? Early this morning I began trimming my evergreen shrubs along the front walkway and did more weeding in the flower bed. It was cool with an overcast sky and I knew I could get in a good hour of outside work before heading in to the computer to work on the magazine. Gardening of any kind helps clear my mind which helps me focus better, which I need if I'm going to finish the magazine in time. Yikes! Anyway before I finished trimming the shrubs it began pouring rain and here I stood with an electric trimmer....I didn't want a Phyllis Diller hairstyle so I turned it off and headed to the porch. I stood there for a while looking out over my efforts from the past two mornings enjoying the mixed scents of Wisteria and wet earth...Ahhhhhhhhh, something very comforting about that combination. Instead of seeing the piles of trimmed evergreen droppings and dead headed flowers laying all around I saw a garden taking shape again. There's still color to enjoy such as Russian Sage, Blanket flower, Cosmos, and a few other new perennials which names escape me but I think it is time to take mom to New Buffalo for another Autumn perennial or two. Next week for sure.

I went in and dried off then toasted a bagel and poured a glass of orange juice before settling down in my comfy chair for a quick breakfast. Yes, I do eat in my living room sometimes. As you know I believe in comfort so I live in my home.....everywhere in my home. After all, I am the one who must clean it :-) After I played a few rounds of Blitz I headed upstairs to the computer hoping to finish a few more pages however my mind was everywhere else but on my work.

Last night Whirlpool had a family day where the employees invited their family to tour the facility and see exactly what they did. We stopped to pick up Megan on the way. Ed's girlfriend, and went to the event. It was nice to see where my son worked although I couldn't make heads or tails of all the electrical machines with buttons and computers and all that wiring stuff. We met his co workers and enjoyed an ice cream social before stealing him away for dinner. Like mothers do, I snapped a photo of the two of them in his car as he grinned probably thinking how lame I was to be taking a picture.
We went to a pizza place but it was too crowded with a 25 minute wait so Ed suggested Clementine's by the water which was perfect. It was pretty busy too but once inside I saw it was large enough to accommodate us without feeling crowded. I enjoyed tender yellow perch lightly breaded which was the best I've had in years. We chatted and looked out at the boats then Ed had to return to work and we said our goodbyes and took the scenic route home. A very pleasant evening. So that is where my mind was when I heard a knock on the door. A man holding a large white box was standing there. I wasn't expecting anything so I was puzzled as he handed it to me. He complimented the house and said he also had an older home and how much he loved it. I agreed there is a special quaintness living in an older home. As he left I opened the box and gasped. I was staring down at 12 fabulous gourmet brownies. My heart began to race as my sweet tooth was doing cartwheels and my hips were saying,"NO...NO" close the lid...hurry. Well, my sweet tooth won usually does. I wasn't hungry but who could resist this...
 It was hard to choose just one, so I put two halves on a plate and made a cup of coffee. Time for another wonder I don't seem to get anything done these days. The note on the card revealed that these temptations were from one of my Artful Gathering students, Annette. How sweet and thoughtful was that? It really blew me away to think she enjoyed the classes so much. Thank you so much Annette. I'm not sure if I should hide these all over the house or share them with DH,LOL.
I will hopefully get to meet Annette in November at the International Quilt Fest in Houston. I won't be hard to miss Annette, I'll be the one with the gerbil jowls! :-) TY
Ok, back to work!


  1. Yummy is right - I know what you can do with the rest of them LOL! They look delish! Your gardens must look fabulous with all the tenderness you give them. It's been a rough summer out this way and mine are really getting to that overgrown stage. Only have a couple weeks left to be able to work in them as I have a surgery date of Aug 31 and then it's down for a couple months - ugh! I'll try and be as brave as you were with your knee surgery. Wish me luck.

  2. Love this Pat, you have such a great way of writing. Yes the calories are out, when I ordered them I asked Tracy if yall like in Texas the calories just cook out. She giggled and said right . I know your garden must be beautiful and this is so the best time of the year, flowers still blooming and it not to terribly hot or cold yet.
    Your son will thank you in years to come for taking pics of his car and everything.
    I am so glad the brownies are so yummy and I love giving surprises.
    I hope to meet you in November also. should be fun and I bet I can shop til I drop for one day at least.

  3. Hi again, forgot to tell you my brother while in Viet Nam use to address my letters as Chipmunk Cheeks and family. so when Gerbil jowls and Chipmunk cheeks meet there should be some good visiting. : )

  4. Gerbil jowls? W-e-l-l....if you're REALLY worried about the prospect you could always parcel those goodies back up again and I'm sure one of us would happily take them off your hands!! (btw - I'm booked to teach a CQ workshop for our local quilt guild in February...think I might get some goodies if I drop some subtle hints?).

  5. I'm on my way with a fork!!!!!!

  6. brownies and others.... miam miam !!!, kisses , evelyne.

  7. Oh my goodness, those look wonderful, and don't you know - if you cut them in half - the calories leak out!


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