Sunday, August 05, 2012

I've returned!!!!

I returned last night from the most wonderful adventure. I started out early Monday morning toward Metamora Michigan to visit my friend and second mom,Tish. It was a beautiful day for a drive and before I knew it I was pulling into the drive. This was a much needed trip to de-stress a bit and have some quiet girl time. I couldn't show up empty handed and with my muse gallivanting around who knows where for months, I only had Wed thru Saturday to create some gifts. I wanted to make Tish a water bottle holder and she loves purple so I finished this one first.

 Then I wanted to use a clasp she had sent me and I made this purse. The finished photo is still in my camera which is charging at the moment so I will share more of the trip when it is ready.

Then I made a similar bag for Jan with a clasp she had given me last year. Again, the photo is in the camera (sorry)

This is just a quick hello until I get unpacked and my camera is fully charged. I hope you all have a great weekend.....I'll be back soon with more updates.


  1. What beautiful gifts, Pat!

  2. You're still AWEsome!

  3. Hi Pat, Glad you're back safe and sound. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to you and Tish. What a delight.
    I love the water bottle purse you make for Tish. It's beautiful and I'll bet she loved it.
    Your purse is so stunning. I think you said that you used Shannon's fabrics. What a wonderful combination her exqusite fabrics and your creativity.

    Hugs, (Je)annette

  4. Yea you are back and was missed greatly. I know Tish loved loved the gift, you are just so good at putting all the treasures together. oxoxo
    Annette one of the Nettes. : )

  5. Beautiful gifts, wow. So glad you're back. Every day I checked and it still showed July 23. The photos are gorgeous, can't wait till your camera battery is recharged to see more. It does the soul good to get away once in a while doesn't it?

  6. Blown away by your fabulous gifts you created in such a short time.

    It's great to hear that you had a lovely break and recharged your batteried - can't wait to see all your photos

  7. Glad your back. Looking forward to seeing your photos. I place a phone order with Tish and looking forward to receiving it. The presents you made are beautiful. Still piecing my cq case.
    Barbara G

  8. Glad your back! Tishs' is my favorite place to go!!

  9. Howdy,

    Your CQ work is just so luscious. I look forward to when I retire and take up sewing! I've been collecting my stash since 2001! You're a true inspiration.



  10. Sounds like a nice trip. I need a trip to the beach so bad!! Maybe we can get together this fall-I hope-Les

  11. Glad you're back!
    I think you must do CQ in your sleep LOL!
    You create so quick and such fabulous thoughtful gifts!
    Keep 'em coming!

    Sandie xx

  12. gorgeous love your fine art of sewing

  13. I can't believe how quickly you can create such amazing pieces. They are soooo beautiful.

  14. So happy you are home safe and sound Pat. Thank you so much for shopping on our behalf. Tisha is a real treasure for sure, what a sweet lady. Beautiful gifts you created and I love the shape of the bag. Get some rest sweets! Hugs Marilou


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