Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home again...home again jiggity jig!

 For being a home body, I certainly have enjoyed the past two weeks on the road. Well, Michigan's longest yard sale was pretty much a bust. It rained all day Friday as we drove along Red Arrow highway. We spotted many sales all covered up with plastic so we just decided to drive until we felt tired and just enjoy the old homes we passed along the way.  We weren't to upset about the rain because we needed it so very much. We talked endlessly and before we knew it we were just outside of Kalamazoo. We stopped for a bite to eat then a cappuccino at Starbuck's to take to our room, wherever that might be. I checked to see if there were any bead shops in the area, and to my delight there were. We headed to, The Bead Shop" and it was small but I found some beautiful twisted AB bugle beads for dragonfly bodies and some new seed beads. When I got in the car I Googled B&B's on my ipad and found a gorgeous old Victorian two miles away in town called "The Kalamazoo House" and yes, it looks just like the online photo! We arrived and it was absolutely breath taking. I went in to check for availability because online it said they had two vacancies, well, to my disappointment, I had read the next days info so they had nothing open. The owner was very nice and offered to call a nearby B&B of her friends. They had an opening so off we went. It was only minutes from the first one and it was a very nice Edwardian built in 1928 called "Hall House."

We were happy to find a place since Kalamazoo had tennis tournaments that weekend so rooms were scarce and we knew we were lucky to have one. We went in and loved the marble stairs and woodwork immediately. The owner, Cathy, was very sweet and she upgraded us to the master suite at no charge because the TV was on the fritz in the room she had ready for us. So, after waiting a couple of minutes in the beautiful sun porch for her to run through the room, we were escorted up the stairs into our cozy room. It was very nice and pretty. We were tired so we both jumped into our jammies and I poured us a cup of tea and mom watched the news while I played Blitz on the ipad.....I'm addicted to it...argh! We tried to sleep after a while but neither of us really could. Mom snored a bit so I know she caught some Z's, but I might have slept an hour total. I just played Blitz and checked emails until mom woke up around 5:00, 4:00 our time. We gabbed to waste time then cleaned up and straightened the room. I took some pictures but my hand wasn't very steady so sorry for the blurred ones.This was our comfy room.

I loved the shade on the floor lamp.
 Mom was ready for the day to begin.
 Me trying to Google a place to eat breakfast and hang out until daylight to head back.
 The bathroom fixtures were all original to the home.
 The cute tub was tempting but we opted for showers. The bottle green tile was in perfect condition after all those years.
 This is the entry where the marble steps were, naturally I would miss them in the photo.
 The main lobby where we check in was stunning. The ceiling and transom details were beautiful. The purple walls were much more softer looking in person.
 A pretty purple and cream quilt hung in the stairway. It was tempting to unlatch and swing open the double doors of the windows and let the cool breeze flow in.
I can't believe both photos of mom were blurred. Don't give me a camera if you want a good photo!!!
We made a discovery along our way to the Hall House which I wanted to save till last. We agreed we would book a room here soon. Could you imagine how fast our jaws dropped when we found this place? Yes, I did check for availability but......nothing. We will return!!!!!

After breakfast we headed toward home not caring if we found a sale or not. We had fun and we did find a candy shop on our way to the bead shop so both of us were content,LOL.

We spotted a huge flea market and decided to stop there instead of various sales just to curb our junking addiction. It did the job! Mom found a duck to put by her fireplace and I found pearl beads and an old doll that needed a home badly.
 It has a tin base with glass eyes and an open mouth with teeth. It looks like it moved at one time. The legs and arms are rubber I think. I will be making it a new outfit using vintage laces soon. A good winter project when the snow is falling and I need to reminisces about our adventure. Now I must get back to the magazine. I have been having too much fun lately :-) Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Pat! It's too bad you had to go back, we live off M-25 which goes up to the thumb, and the sales are out in force today! I guess to make up for the bad weather Fri. and Sat. I'll be hitting a couple of these myself. The
    b&b's look awesome.

  2. I have always wanted to do one of those yard sales. There are 3 now that I know of and one day I will make one of them.

    I would definitely have to go back to stay in that castle! You may have just shown me where I want my hubby to take me for our 0th anniversary this winter!

    I will be contacting you via email about an ad for your magazine. :)

  3. Pat I'm so glad your having such a wonderful summer!!!! Your adventures sounded SO exciting and I'm so happy to see your Mom is really back to her self again! I'm completely lost in the preparation for my daughters wedding the end of this month, some of my southern family is visiting me in ct for the first time EVER!!! I'm try ing to do 1000 things at once of course. So looking forward to September!!!
    Sending love, Terri

  4. Hi Pat, It sounds like you and your Mother had a wonderful time despite the rain. Very lovely B&B. Picked some goodies online the way. (We're booked for four nights at the Mason House in Cape May, NJ in Oct). Hope I can pick some goodies too.
    Blissfully yours, Jeannette

  5. What a fabulous adventure you have been on - and thank you so much for 'taking us with you'. The descriptions and photos are amazing

  6. pat, your mother looks so HAPPY!! What lovely memories for you both. Those places look gorgeous.So glad you had a lovely Girls Own Adventure.Excited about the next mag!!

  7. What a wonderful adventure you and your mom had and the B and B was wonderful. You found beads and all, that sounds like a perfect hit to me and RAIN? You couldn't ask for anything any better. So glad you are back at yor nest now and bet ready to create. xoxo

  8. Wow it looks like you had a wonderful adventure and really enjoyed yourselves. I love all the pic's and you will surely have go back to that castle and then give us a pic tour. Nice that you were able to get away with your Mom. Wish we had some rain, tis so hot here:) Hugs Pat xoxo Marilou

  9. Sounds like you had fun. My daughter went to the same garage sales and she said the samething-the rain ruined it and it rained very hard. Thats sad. I want to go the the worlds longest garage down south!! I'm sure I don't have enough money or room in my truck for that! Leslie


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