Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favorite time of day

DH left for work at 4:15 am and I grabbed a cup of tea, ipad and new issue of CQGatherings and headed to the porch swing. I ran back in to grab a quilt because it was a cool morning for a night gown. Early morning is my favorite time of day.

I turned on my light and sat in my little hidey hole as I played blitz until the sun started to rise

I then browsed the new issue, found a few mistakes but enjoyed seeing all the pretty work you all have created. If you have any work you want published in the winter issue, please let me know so I can save room. All submissions for the winter issue are due no later than November first. Preferably mid October.

Saturday I spent the day shopping with Laney. We stopped at ROSS, it was the first time I had been in one and I didn't know what to expect because I've heard mixed reviews about it. Well, I am a ROSS fan now. I could not believe the name brands at such low prices. Laney got tired of hearing me gasp when I saw a low price,LOL. I couldn't help it, I was in shock for the first 15 minutes. I found these cute leather boots and they are so comfortable.

Then I found this long bag that would be great for NY. I could put my purchases in it and also use it as a weapon. It has suede and leather which adds quite a bit of weight.
 Among my other finds, I got a lace sheet set, duvet cover, iron bird statue and all under $200. Almost the original price of the purse alone. Crazy! I can't wait to go back....soon.

Then we went to TJ Max and I found some pretty cups for cocoa or coffee. It was a fun day and we caught up on life " happenings."
 Yesterday was "Mom" day so after I ran a few errands I picked mom up and two shrimp dinners and we headed home to watch a chick flick. But actually we ended up watching a Stephen King movie, "Thinner," and it was his usual weird stuff which doesn't impress me however mom loves him. After that ended I gave her a perm which was long overdue. She had cancelled her last two appointments with me,LOL. She was happy getting that over with and I took her home and handed her a copy of the new issue of CQG magazine and a box of chocolate covered orange sticks, which is her favorite then told her to go make a cup of coffee, sit in her comfy chair and relax. She said she would be taking both to a bubble bath later.

Today I'm going to stop at my mother in law's favorite deli in town and pick up lunch for us then cut her hair and chat for a bit before going home and weed some more in the garden. It was nice and cool last night so I did get a lot of fern cut down. It was so pleasant getting to work out there alone in my thoughts. Just like when I'm strolling the shore, my mind wanders from one delightful subject to another. Memories of Angell climbing up my back when she was just a little thing as I was bent over digging. It was so funny and I've never had a dog do that before, only cats. Her little short legs hurrying to keep up with my long strides as I moved through the garden from this planting to another. I usually ended up carrying her most of the time in my garden smock pocket with her little head looking out just as content as she could be. She certainly was a special little girl.

Well, its already 8:00 so I better get off of here and get busy. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Pat, I like that early morning too, but getting up that early is not really possible for me even when I set the alarm. I get a lot of kidding about it.

    Your day sound so romantic. Ahhhhhhh

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    P.S. I ordered the mag and also the digital. It is a very beautiful magazine.

  2. What a great start to you day! I downloaded the magazine, which is wonderful...and just gets better and better with each issue. Of course, ordered the hard copy too...some how, I just have to have both! Can't wait to see I download...but nothing beats having a copy you can pack for a trip to the have to have the print version too!

  3. I love your netted porch swing - and what a fabulous couple of days you have had.

    And those boots and bag - hmmmmm - just gorgeous. How kind you are to pamper both your mum and mother in law - I hope that someone takes the time you pamper you just as much.


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