Monday, August 27, 2012

Catching up

It has been a beautiful day. I mowed and cleaned a bit in the garden. Some animal was exploring the nests on my front porch and made quite a mess so I hosed off the porch and trimmed some of the wisteria.
The day after I mowed mom's yard I received this beautiful bouquet from her. The two pink roses represent the two of us she said. 
 I also wanted to share a gorgeous CQ bolster my friend Jan Obertein created. I was trying to choose between two of them and decided the CQ one would go nicely in my living room so I could see it daily.
I love everything about it, especially that it was made by Jan :-)

One more thing to share then I'm off to fix something for DH. The ipad bag I put in the new issue of CQG has a n addition. I purchased some beautiful French fringe trim from Lululiz and it was the perfect color so....the ipad bag was dressed up a bit. It has been handy having the bag to toss over my shoulder and go show mom a few new goodies online. The laptop was just too heavy.

So, that is all I've been up to. I did finish a special gift for my dear Tish in Metamora and mailed it this morning however I never thought to take a picture. Duh! Some day I will get one and share with you.  Off I go, enjoy your afternoon.


  1. Hi Pat, the bouquet is beautiful. Love, love, love the bolister and the ipad bag is something else I want to make. Don't have an ipad, but what the heck, it's a great bag.
    Blissfully yours, Jeannette

  2. Hi Pat, oh the boquet is just beautiful a flower show could not have done any better and love the idea of the two pink roses are you and mom. It is really pretty. The bolister is also have to look closer at it what a treasure. I don't have an ipad either but the bag would work for something, maybe could make a traveling bag for when I dray my CQ around when we travel. xoxoxo

  3. Anonymous5:32 PM CDT

    Pat, I love your chair! Is there a it an antique?

  4. LOL forgot to say I found the little purse on the pillow to cute xo

  5. I can always count on some beautiful eye candy on your blog. Love the pillow and the bag! I just ordered the last two issues of your magazine yesterday and I'm looking forward to receiving them! Your mom is so thoughtful sending you such a meaningful bouquet.

  6. Ah Pat this made me want to cry. You and your Mom have such a wonderful relationship.

    You are both blessed.



  7. Aloha Pat,
    So sweet of your mom to send you such a darling bouquet. I love your bolster, your friend did a splendid job, and your Ipad bag is beautiful! Now I'm entertaining the idea of making one for my Ipad.
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  8. Love the iPad bag. The fringe sure lent some pizzazz :)

  9. what a truly amazing iPad bag - love the fringe - it's a perfect addition

  10. What a beautiful bouquet from your Mom. She's a darling. And that bag is so gorgeous. I want to have one. Its perfect.
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