Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beautiful morning

 This morning I waited until daylight to head to the beach. It had been a while and I was missing it so I slipped off to refresh my soul. It was a cool gorgeous morning. The water was so calm and the shore birds were singing away.
There was only one boat in the water. I guess being Wed everyone was working.
It was so quiet I just sat in the sand after my walk and enjoyed the surroundings. I must have sat for about an hour just looking around and thinking. I heard my phone "ping" so I checked it and there was a message from my friend in MI, Leslie TH. She was saying good morning and was off to the AQS quilt show with a friend. I know she will have a great day, she is a talented quilter herself.  I got my beach fix in and  decided I would go mow mom's yard and surprise her. I hated to leave but there are always things to be done. I turned for one more glance and photo. Beautiful!
I didn't find many mermaid tears, I wasn't looking too closely, but this was my treasure for the day.
I mowed mom's yard and visited for a short while before heading home to shower. She has a dusty yard with all the trees sucking up any rainfall. Now I must iron ribbons and possibly weed more fern in the garden. It is such a nice day with the feel of Autumn in the air. I want to bake an apple pie or zucchini bread on days like this.
The online class is almost over. The ladies have made beautiful accessory cases, many of them have made several. Yep! The CQ bug has claimed more victims. Yeah!!!!  The Autumn issue of the magazine is soon to be released. Lots of eye candy worldwide. I better get busy, its too nice to be indoors. Have a wonderful day everyone.

*Mermaid Tear~ A mermaid tear is a piece of broken glass that has been washed ashore after years of being smoothed by the waves and sand. Google mermaid tear to learn the story of why those who collect them refer to them as mermaid tears. Just a romantic twist on trash left behind by humans.


  1. Hello Pat, how lucky you are to live close to a beach especially a deserted one where you can recharge you batteries in that beautiful peaceful place, also to be able to call on your Mom, treasure those times.


  2. You are so lucky to live in such a place. What I wouldn't give. :)

  3. oh how great to be able to recharge so close to the beach. I just read your blog dear lady and love it that you mow your mom's yard for her. You are indeed a wonderful daughter in many ways. Hugs and hugs to you. xox

  4. This inspired me to get to the beach!, I've been meaning to go but just haven't made it there yet, a must do this weekend!

  5. Your posts are always so lovely, Pat. Your early morning beach looks so peaceful and so beautiful. xo

  6. What an idyllic beach you have near you - it always sends me into a peaceful state when you write about it - and those photos - I could just picture myself sitting there

  7. Anonymous5:02 PM CDT

    What are Mermaid Tears??


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