Friday, July 20, 2012

Timely Treasures

I know we all have experienced receiving special mail on days we need something to brighten our spirit the most. Mine arrived yesterday. The past two days have been topsy turfy days for me...anything that could go wrong...did go wrong. We all have them, luckily we all don't speak of them,LOL. Anyway when I checked the mail I found a box and sat on the porch to open it. Inside was something that touched me in many ways. It was a crazy quilted bracelet with sea theme made by Renee Shedivy, who was in my CQ class a few weeks ago. She knew in my make believe world there are mermaids so she set out to create the most beautiful crazy quilt bracelet.
  She embellished it with a mermaid and blue mermaid tear which she "netted" within sparkling strands of threads.
 Remember the pretty baby blue dragonfly I spotted on the beach recently? Well, that was on there too. Can you spot the hidden blue treasure? It took me a while but I found it Renee!

There was a hand written note that sent me on a journey describing each thoughtful element. It was just over the top and I immediately shed some tears.

Before Renee and Bev headed for their Wisconsin home after our fun days of classes playing and shopping, I  took them to my beach in search of mermaid tears and happily they did find some treasures. It was a perfect end to our visit and I will remember that special day and those two special friends forever.
I put on the bracelet and didn't want to take it off, and yes, I have it on now, at 4:00 in the morning...blogging....with my beautiful mermaid CQ bracelet on.....and a nightgown. :-) That's what its all about!!!!!


  1. How wonderful to get the most perfect surprise just when you needed it most!

    I think God plans things like that - and it's Karma isn't it.

    You do such kind and thoughtful things for so many folks - that you have 'banked' a lot of Karma I am sure - and it'll keep popping up when you need it too.

  2. I agree with Lottie . . . you give so much . . . you deserve a surprise now and then. So glad you like it!

  3. Pat, what a beautiful surpise. I know you wear it proudly and your joy is shared with all of us. Hugs my dear. xoxo

  4. It's beautiful ..what a nice memory every time you look at it

  5. What a beautiful and sweet surprise Pat! I got a little teary eyed reading your post because of the love and thoughfulness that Renee put into the cuff bracelet. Wear it proudly! Hugs, Terri D.

  6. What a beautiful handmade surprise to receive in the mail unexpectedly. I love mermaids and am always looking for mermaid beads and charms to add to projects. Enjoy your new treasure. :-)

    1. Beautiful, what a great surprise

  7. Anonymous5:29 PM CDT

    Awe...that is such a beautiful bracelet..Such a sweet gift for a very special person! It is the things that come from the heart that mean so much..There is so much thought that Renee has put into this for you..with all of the things you love. Could'nt be more fitting..I know it will make you smile everytime you see it ;) (Beautiful job Renee!)
    Have a great weekend Pat..
    Kind Regards, Shannon

  8. Oh Pat that is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Just the colours make my heart sing and that gorgeous mermaid!
    Lottie's right you know, you must have banked a ton of Karma! In the words of L'Oreal...YOU'RE WORTH IT!

    Hugs and have a lovely weekend/week,

    Sandie xx

  9. It makes me so happy to see my pal get blessed so! What a beautiful work of art!!!!
    Sending love your way <3

  10. How beautiful! The colours are amazing, as is the attention to detail. It really is a gorgeous piece and so obviously made with lots of thought and love. Your friend clearly cares a great deal about you.

  11. Oh Pat what a treasured gift from one loving heart to another!!! A Gorgeous creation!!!

    Enjoy a Blessed day...


  12. What a lovely creation!!! You have such a loving friend! :D It is so pretty!


  13. Pat, There is no more wonderful gift than that made for another. "When this you see, remember me".


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