Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Sharing some pretties or should I say pretty yummy!

Chocolate buttons! Beautiful and yummy! I bet Brian Haggard would enjoy this since he is president of the Indianapolis button club. These would be fun to package a few for class gifts (hint...hint) :-)



  1. They are so beautiful, I don't know whether I could bring myself to eat them. Well, on second thoughts........

  2. I just got up from a nap, so it took me to a minute to get this "chocolate button" thing. Mmmmm Brian would have to fight me for them. I do not share my dessert with anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Those are fabulous!

  4. beautiful buttons and the colors are so pretty. xo

  5. Hi Pat,

    Just checking in on you to see if everything is ok. I miss reading your posts as that is how I usually start my day...especially the ones where you report on taking a walk on the beach. Hope you are just away enjoying the summer!

    BTW - love the buttons!

    Nicki Lee


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