Monday, July 02, 2012

Join me for a beach walk?

This morning I escaped to the beach early knowing I would be melting on my way back no matter how early I went. Considering we had a big storm yesterday with high winds, the lake was calm this morning.
 After a few minutes I was just too tempted to get my toes wet.
 The water was so clear but I didn't see anything of interest among the smooth pebbles and sand beneath the water so I hopped back to shore where I immediately found my first mermaid tear.
  Can you see it?
 I'm sure it must have been a busy weekend, footprints were everywhere and so was beach art. 
 I found more than I thought I would since there weren't any waves to speak of to uncover them, but no blue glass was to be found except.....

 This stunning blue dragonfly wouldn't leave me alone and actually followed me all the way to the steps. At first I thought it was a biting fly but I caught a glimpse of light blue and stopped in my tracks.

 I stood at the top of the steps staring at the most beautiful blue dragonfly I had ever seen. It was baby blue and it sat there and didn't move. I must have stood there over five minutes in awe until the heat and humidity won and I turned to leave but not before getting a few pictures of this gift.
These may be my gathered treasures, but the dragonfly visit was the best.
 I'm off for a swim, I hope you enjoy your day and stay cool if possible.


  1. Renee Shedivy11:02 AM CDT

    Incredible dragonfly. Wish I (we) could have been there with you. Hugs.

  2. Lovely Beach walk and that Dragonfly...sich a beautiful shade of bleu! I wonder if it had just emerged from its' ?, ? Perhaps it wold be a shade darker later as it's wings dried out, if it had just emerged? Whatever, it was truly a beautiful gift!

    Stay cool???? we need more sunshine, over here, my feet will have web spaces between my toes if we get any more rain!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Sandie xx

  3. Love seeing the beach glass, we sometimes tar when we go to the beach : ) The dragon fly was a great treat. I love the late summer, when I mow in the back they come and visit me. I wear goggles for fear of hitting me in the eye as I buzz along with the riding mower. they follow me everywhere I go out there. so glad you got pics of him and his beautiful color. xo

  4. beautiful photos and dragonfly . yes , walking in the beach , deep moments.....
    hugs , evelyne .

  5. What a wonderful way to start your day! Blue skies and a soft quiet beach to walk on.

    I love dragonflies. A few years ago I was sitting behind one of my Craft Booths just CQing away. All of a asudden my girlfirend said "look!" I looked down on my block that I was working on - it was made up of some beautiful goldedn and peach dragonfly fabric...sitting right on top of one of the dragonflies was the prettiest blue/green one I'd ever seen - must have been looking for a mate LOL! Aren't they suppose to be a sign of good luck?

  6. Well, learned something new I had no idea that dragonflies could be so blue! What a treat for you...and now for us too! Thanks so much for sharing your morning stroll.

  7. It was very pleasant walking on the water...thank you for sharing because it's been hot in Kansas too.

  8. As always, I love walking on the beach with you.


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