Monday, July 16, 2012

Good morning....babbling!

I had a wonderful weekend. My son recently got a great promotion and he celebrated by buying a new car. He bought a Scion and loves it. It is sharp. He works hard and deserves it and I am so happy for him.

He and his girlfriend stopped by on Saturday and we enjoyed a nice visit. He was a bit under the weather so while he and DH were visiting and talking "car" I took Megan to Pier One and we found some goodies. Megan and Ed have permission to paint their apartment and they picked out beautiful ocean colors. If I were starting all over again and lived in St. Joe, I would surely do the same. I can't wait to see it completed. I offered to help and hope she calls if she needs me however they might want to do this together. It is fun to see such "young" excitement, brings back memories from 30 years ago when I was so in to decorating for the first "real" time. Anyway, as I said before, Megan loves to cook, especially baking, and I try to encourage that by gifting her with kitchen goodies. Most 21 year old girls would shun the idea of getting canisters, lamps and such but Megan , much like myself, would rather have nothing else. We found some cobalt blue glass canisters and I intended to get the second cobalt blue lamp so she would have a set but they were out. Fortunately I had them call the store near her in MI and they had one! It was meant to be. I bought it over the phone and on Sunday she picked it up. I think I am as excited as she is.

Megan helped me burn more class DVD's and as I ironed silk ribbons she put them on hangers and organized the rack. It was such a pleasant time, for me anyway. LOL. She bought me a large butterfly punch that I had mentioned for my ribbon cards. I was so touched by that I could have cried. How did she remember such a thing? Like I said before, I am adopting her one way or another :-) After all, the more mom's, the better right?  I have THREE moms now, all so special to me and dearly loved.

To wind down the day we ordered pizza and relaxed before they headed back to St. Joe. DS had to work on Sunday otherwise they would have spent the night. If they had, I was going to make chocolate chip cookies. The cookie sheet set I bought for Megan had choc chop cookies on the label and we both got hungry for them. Oh well, I would have eaten a few so I'm better off I guess.

On Sunday I planned on going to my pal Dawn's Pinterest party but instead, DH wanted me to take some photos of a rental property with a fallen tree for insurance. It had fallen on a neighbors fence and we needed to document any damage. After that we went to a new place for breakfast called "Sophia's." I had the cheese blintz, expecting a small one but my huge plate arrived with two huge ones. I could only eat 1/2 of one but they were great. The we had some rentals shopping to do and household basics and by the time we were finished it was so hot and muggy. We went home and crashed in the living room. Needless to say I never made it to Dawn's. I have to call to see how it went. I have to go to the next one and perhaps host one myself in the Summer kitchen studio.
 I know that sounds like quite a boring weekend to most, but those are my favorite. Easy going, no expectations. Pretty much how I like to live my life. I rarely commit because when I do, something always changes my plans. However I do have a fun adventure coming up and I intend on keeping it. Something I have looked forward to as if it were Christmas.

 My first online class at Artful gathering has concluded. Here are a few finished purses.

 Terri and a few others made hearts from kit left overs. :-)
 It was an awesome experience meeting new crazy quilters and watching the magic happen and the excitement they felt. I felt it too. The work they produced was amazing, sooooooo much better than my first attempt. I am so proud of every one of them and have made new friends. The second class has started but you can still sign up if you want to. The camaraderie of the students is alone worth holding a class. Seeing them interact with total strangers as if they had known each other forever, students worldwide  coming together to learn crazy quilting is just so fulfilling and I am delighted to be a part of this union.
I must finish some kits and get to the post office so enjoy your day...I hope you didn't fall asleep reading this post. :-)


  1. Fall asleep whilst reading this - you must be joking. Your fabulous blog is my private fantasy, my 'other world' fix, and whilst the rain is hammering down for yet another day - I can escape to another world, another continent. another life, and loves, and talents, all from the comfort of my little home, in a far away place, whilst dearest husband quietly snuffles in his sleep in his easy chair before heading out into the teeming rain, into the winding country English lanes, through a picturesque and beautiful little town - to a bowling green - to spend a few hours, like a modern day Sir Francis Drake - but getting cold and wet with his. English eccentricity to a T.

    I never tire, nor will I ever, of visiting your world, your life, reading about your mermaids tears, your trips, your 'mums', all your family, don't ever change.

    I don't/can't leave comments every time I visit or you post - but believe me - I don't last more than a couple of days without my secret PWG indulgence - and your students have made the most stunning bags - must have had a really good tutor - of course they did

  2. LOVE those purses!!

    And I would love to know what 'ocean-y' colors Megan has chosen, because I want much the same thing for my craft room!

  3. Girl, I LOVE your creations, let me just say, your beautiful bags are out of this world!
    You had a great time, obviously and that is so ice to hear and congrats on the fantastic car, it is so classy! Again, I just cant get over how beautifully you craft! :D


  4. Dear Pat, I can imagine how happy you are!! I am just happy for you.

  5. I too never tire of reading your blog. You have a wonderful life and it's so good of you to share. I love that your values are in the right place. The bags turned out by your students are sooooo gorgeous. Yes, you're a great teacher!

  6. Hi Pat, your weekend sounded heavenly to me. Loved reading about it and yes you are a great teacher. xoxoxo


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