Sunday, July 22, 2012

Excitement in all directions!

There are so many things going on around here I don't know where to start. My second Artful Gathering class is off to a great start. The gals are once again doing amazing work. Here are a few of the CQ accessory cases in progress..            Geraldine

 Terri finished hers today. WOW!!!
Do I have amazing students or what?
 As you know, I received a very sweet and sentimental CQ bracelet from fellow crazy quilter Renee Shedivy last week. Well, that was enough to  keep me on cloud nine for quite a while but the fun continued. The next day I received a "thank you" package from Shannon of "Sweet Inspirations" etsy shop. For those of you who frequent Shannon's shop you know the contents inside were incredible, nothing less than gorgeous and inspiring. So inspiring that after almost 4 months without picking up a needle, I pulled open my fabric drawers and began selecting additional fabrics to begin a new project. I had it pieced in no time and just started to embellish. I describe the colors as "faded beauty."This will keep me busy for a while.

Then I finalized my plans to attend the International Quilt Festival in Houston
 in November. I'm flying out with my sweet friend dawn and will be meeting some fellow crazy quilters.

 First we will get to meet Liz Bugh of "Gypsy Feather"( who happens to have some newly acquired vintage lace in her shop :-)
Liz will be picking us up for the show on Thursday with none other than long time fellow crazy quilter friend, Karrin Hurd. We will enjoy the show for two days then Liz was kind enough to offer to take us to her favorite haunts. I know I will be hyperventalating so I had better pack some brown lunch bags! Once at the show I'm hoping to meet several other crazy quilters including some of my students from my online classes. It is overwhelming and so exciting. Something I wouldn't normally do, but you only live once so I am once again stepping out of my comfort zone.
Soon I will be doing some visiting closer to home but plans aren't finalized just yet. I am so excited but won't share until afterward. It is something I have been wanting to do for a while and now is the time.

In September I will be heading to New York with Dawn and we will meet my bud Terri of "Lavender between the cracks"!!!!!! We are hitting all the spots our feet allow us. Tinsel Trading here we come!

My son and Megan stopped by yesterday, I know, two visits in two weeks!!!!  I had just come inside to cool off after cleaning fern from the garden so I was quite a mess. I chose to stay home while they went to get DH a new cell phone then they returned with dinner so that was a nice surprise. I will be heading to St. Joe to help Megan paint soon. She finished the bedroom and will do the kitchen this week then both of us will do the living room. I forgot to get the paint names for someone who asked, Sorry, I will do that. I know the blue in the bedroom is called  "Something" Lake????

While I was stitching this morning I heard DH making a lot of noise upstairs. After a while he came to get me and we went into DS's old room and he had removed shelves from the computer desk and set up a long side table for my computer and magazine work. That will be so much better with all of that moved from my sewing studio. I'll have a nice table to lay out everything instead of paper clip it in piles. I can't wait to move everything in there.

Last Wed didn't work out for our Netflix Mom day so we did it on Friday instead. I stumbled on "Rosemary and Thyme" series on Netflix last week and described it to mom so she wanted to see it. We watched three episodes. I mainly watch for the gorgeous homes of England  and the gardens. Oh to visit some of those old gardens.........................

So that is some of the happenings around here. We did get some rain but it just isn't enough for the grass and plantings. Sigh. Although it is only July I smell Autumn in the air. It may arrive early this year. I better get more swing time in before its too late! Have a great weekend!


  1. Love reading your doings there Pat. You CQ is going to be beautiful with the soft colors and of course the students work is just great. xoxox

  2. You do have great students, but hey, they have an exceptional teacher! Sweet Inspirations is indeed a very lovely Etsy shop, its on my favourite list as well. Your new CQ looks so beautiful already, it is going to be fabulous. By the time I write this, you'll have probably finished it already, lol, you work so amazingly fast.

  3. Some lovely creations Pat! I too will be heading to Houston this year (my first time). Would you like to get together for tea or lunch one day?

  4. Beautiful work as always!!! sounds like your going to be pretty busy, but what fun!!!

  5. Oh, Tamantha is so talented -- and I know she had a great time in your class!


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