Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taking a day off

Today is supposed to be 100 degrees so I have decided to take the day off and retire to the pool. I have a frozen strawberry daiquiri in the freezer and plenty of ice water! I have things I should be finishing, packing to mail, etc, but after a nice visit with mom yesterday I decided I am taking one day off each week for myself. I already started to set aside one day each week to pick up mom and bring her here for lunch and a Netflix movie. Yesterday we watched two and enjoyed a few hours together in the cool house drinking sweet iced tea and a light lunch. She was so relaxed and we both almost fell asleep because it was so peaceful with no demands. It is nice to just be together without having to shop or drive so this is our new tradition. I keep so busy round the clock (my friends have brought this to my attention,thank you sweet ladies) so I decided I do deserve a day off during the week to be a lady of leisure!!!

 I did water the flower gardens this morning and add some goodies to my etsy shop, but at the same time I was filtering the pool and freezing my treat for after lunch. Left overs tonight, yeah!!!!

on another subject, I have received inquiries about my video class DVD's for those who did not take my class so I will tell you, yes, I will be selling my class DVD's in my etsy shop at the end of each session for anyone to purchase along with various kits if you don't want to spend a lot on stash to just try crazy quilting. As you can see from the class project photos, newbies are now hooked, so be warned!!!

Well, I'm off to gather my sun visor.....


 towel .................

and sunscreen so see ya later and have a wonderful day.


  1. Anonymous9:20 AM CDT

    You are such a good person Pat--do take a day for yourself and enjoy the peace. You and your mother are lucky to have each other--Hugs, Mary Bonnell

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM CDT

    I'll be right out!!

  3. Its good to have some time all to yourself, to veg out, relax, not worrying about anything at all. Good for you, girl!
    I am really pleased to hear that you will be selling the class DVD. I would love to learn crazy quilting from you. Couldn't do the course because we are going back to France again in a week or so, and I had too much to do here in the UK while we were here for a few weeks.

  4. Make that 2 strawberry daquiries please, I will be right over. Enjoy your day!

  5. Hope you have a lovely catch-up, refreshing day.We all need that. I have my leg up so I can blog!!had new knee on 19th June.have new blog.Did I e-mail you with the new address? I lost all of my prev lovely followers! oh well...
    Love the new one- very supportive which is a boost.
    Judy xx soon I'll get going on those projects for your "mag".

  6. So sweet of you to have a peaceful and enjoyable time with your mom.

  7. Renee Shedivy8:44 PM CDT

    You really know how to live Pat!!!

  8. So glad you took a day off, you need to stop and smell the roses and sounds like you are starting to. Thanks for being a great teacher. The DVD will be a wonderful addition to anyones stash. xo

  9. What a lovely new tradition - a day off each week. I like the frozen drink idea too!

  10. Hi lovely friend, thanks for making my day. I feel so much more youthful after your comment
    Love your work and always enjoy the ideas you employ, more soon, aloha Lilla


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