Monday, June 18, 2012

In the heat of the summer.............

Whew! It is boiling outside. I'm staying in to finish some projects today. I was outside in the sun floating and swimming most of the weekend and have been feeling a weird dizzy sensation come and go yesterday and again this morning. Not sure whats up but I decided to stay in today. Besides, I'm picking mom up for a swim tomorrow...lunch in the pool!!

I took a quick stroll through the garden to show you what I'm most excited about, grab your sandals and an iced beverage and join me......
The Hydrangea bush has bloomed ! I love that blue and pink combo. Hydrangeas now remind me of Bev and Renee, Hi girls!!!!!
 The front garden is enjoying the rain and heat , much like a greenhouse.

 Saving the most excitement for last. Guess what is blooming again? Wisteria!!!!!

Isn't that crazy? To top it off, those two blooms smell heavenly. Hard to believe. Loving this weather, but staying out of the sun today.
I hope your day has a little surprise for you too. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Pat
    Haven't visited for a while but you are never far from my heart! Thanks for the beautiful garden walk! Everything looks so gorgeous - those hydrangeas are so special and great to see the wisteria just coming into flower again! I see we have a lot in common plants here.
    Keep well and out of the heat!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Renee Shedivy10:35 AM CDT

    Looooove those hydrangeas! And so honored you'd think of us! We were thinking of you Monday while we were dyeing lots of that lace we bought at Lemon Creek. We had a ball and everything turned out so well! Thanks for your guidance on that. We talk all the time about when we can go back to Indiana!!! Don't think we can wait until November. We are both so inspired and stitching like crazy. Photos coming soon. And we're still making hydrangeas! Big hugs from Wisconsin!

  3. Pat you are so lucky having wonderful warm weather. It is pants here in the UK with rain floods & its so cold we have to have the wood stove alight to keep warm.
    The roses are rotting before they even open
    I'm off to a wedding tomorrow such a shame the forecast is for even more rain {:0(

    Hugs Pam

  4. Thanks for the tour. My arbor and wisteria came down in the Jan. ice storm. We need to rebuild but we are still cutting up all the trees that fell. So thanks for sharing your wisteria!

  5. Hi Pat, Thank you for the lovely garden tour. Hydrangeas and wisterias are among my most favorite plants.
    I saw your post about the opossums. I find them so cute and can never think of them as being rats. Your pictures are amazing and just made my day :-). So sweet!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Your flowers are beautiful!! It's cooler today,it would stay this way. My grass is on "strike" and looks awful. At least I don't have to mow. Les


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