Saturday, June 09, 2012

I swear I don't live at the zoo!

I know you all are going to think I live in a zoo but I swear I don't. The wildlife is just abundant around here. Fox, deer, coyote, raccoon, and opossum to name a few recent visitors.
This morning I was washing breakfast dishes and I kept hearing a clicking noise outside the door so I went to see what kind of bird it was. To my surprise it wasn't a bird at all, but a big opossum on the lower part of the back deck. It was inspecting the flower I bought yesterday. I stood and watched it thinking how it was just a big rat and it made me sick to think how filthy they are until......a few moments later I saw movement under the pine tree and out waddled a baby opossum...then another...and another...until 9 of them were climbing on the mother's back. Can you imagine 9 babies and all needed to be once. I couldn't help but feel differently toward the rat like creature. I realized the mother was making the clicking noise to call her babies and let them know it was time to load up and move on. I felt sorry for her to have to feed them all and wondered where the Mr. was. Probably tucked away in a cozy haven fast asleep, after all it is Saturday,LOL.

I ran to get my camera because I have never seen this in person before. Amazing to me. I wanted to hold one so badly. (The Elly Mae in me)
She hauled them down the driveway and this little one fell off but quickly climbed aboard again.

She meandered up the walk way with her load. Is this what you would call a "Mother load"?
I spoke to her and she turned and was about to climb the steps to me but I quickly shooed her away.
  She continued off the walkway and into the bushes.
  The babies were small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. So cute but yucky too. Good luck momma, you'll need it!

Yesterday the tag sales were a bust. Junk and more junk. We actually made it to St. Joe and hit a few sales there but nothing interesting enough to add to our lives so we headed home. We had a quick lunch to refuel after our exercise getting in and out of the car many times. Mom was yawning all the way home, nap time for her I think. As we were approaching our favorite garden shop I told her I think we can't go home empty handed and we could always use a new perennial. She was willing to get out one more time to choose her prize. She chose a blanket flower and I chose a Veronica Speedwell, both common but a nice addition to our flower gardens. It was a nice day and we agreed it was just enough for an impromptu outing.
It is supposed to be in the 90's today so I will spend most of the day swimming and drinking lots of H2O. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. OMG Pat you are so lucky to have such wonderful wildlife visiting your garden, the little possum
    baby's are so sweet!


  2. You should frame that little family and hang it somewhere---how many get to see something like that?

  3. LOL, I think that could qualify as the "mother load". I often think about where certain phrases originate and this certainly seems to qualify. Hmm. Great photos.

  4. You are so funny, Pat. Ditto Connie's comment. We have the other animal, except coyote. One of our main problems are the skunks They spray under our back window and the whole house stinks. In this is mainly in the winter time. Can't open the window. Hay, thanks for the "mother load".

  5. Hi Dear Patricia , I like all animals , not spiders .... hihihi!!! I like the mother with the baby s .. amazing photos ,kisses , evelyne.

  6. A bit like my 'backyard', only the animals are not so 'exotic'! Do they smell like skunks then or do you not like their appearance? You said they were yucky?
    They do look cute and I guess Mum Oppossum thought she might be getting some help with the feeding! She's got her work cut out if she is the only provider I'd say. What do they eat, do you know?

    What is a 'Blanket Flower'? I'm not familiar with the name, we probably know it by another name over here. I like Veronicas too. In fact, there are not many plants I don't like!


    Sandie xx
    The sun you sent over to me has arrived, intermittently, but welcome all the same, thank you! Tomorrow is forecast to be wet,wet,wet and cooler! Can't wait....

  7. The possums are SO cute! I don't think we have them around here, I've never seen them. Sounds like a fun day, have a great weekend. Diane

  8. Sweetness! They're adorable! Thank you for sharing~ made my day :)

  9. Who needs a zoo when you have abundant wildlife in your own backyard. Mama & babies are definitely cute!

  10. Well my dear ... you definitely got a really great shot of Momma and her brood ... how cute is that? Oppossums are not a local creature here ... but enjoyed seeing yours!

    I do have a robiness sitting on a nest out front! Smart creatures they are ... building a nest on my Hydro box ... which just happens to be sheltered by the over-hang of our porch.

    I attempted to deter them building a nest there by putting two three-pronged garden claws there ... but now they are seemingly incorporated into the nest. Oh well ... guess Mother Nature won this challenge!

    Momma is sitting on the nest ... so I expect we will see some eager beaks soon ... been there ... done that. Maybe they remember.

    Life goes on!

    1. Years ago a graduate student at the university where I worked told me he was studying Opossums -- he said they were amazingly clean and excellent mothers. So, even though they look like big rats, they are just misunderstood and because they live at the edges of our lives, we don't get to see them all that often.

  11. perhaps your furry friend was car pooling...

  12. Anonymous5:40 PM CDT

    Toooooo cute !!
    Marcy from your Artful Gathering class

  13. I loved this! How utterly adorable!

  14. Like them or not, those pictures were AWESOME!!! I have never seen that in person. God's creatures are so wonderful. Great pictures! Actually, you should frame one of those.

  15. Hi Pat,

    I am now your newest follower!!

    What a suprise you had seeing Mama Possom and her babies!! I am not fond of Possoms, but I love this sweet picture of them!!! :)



  16. Hello Pat, I have been absent for a while but I wanted to say what a lovely blog. I really loved the photographs of the Mama and her babies. Thank you so much for sharing, Maureen.

  17. what a precious picture of momma and babies and love the one baby hanging onto her tail. Course you know I love your work.


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