Friday, June 08, 2012

Happy Friday!

Just dropping by to say Happy Friday! This week has been super. Artful Gathering CQ101 has begun and I sure have a " house" full of the sweetest ladies to share CQ with. They are so anxious and as friendly as can be. I am so excited to see such eagerness to create. I must thank Zinnia once again for pulling this all together and for inviting me to join in this awesome teaching method. It has been a lot of work to prep for but it was the kick in the pants I needed to get me out of my comfort zone and try something new and exciting. I must say it was worth it just by seeing the interest in crazy quilting and meeting these wonderful and fun ladies. That has always been the drive behind my sharing. Getting more people interested and sharing their work to encourage and inspire others.

I spent yesterday knit picking in the garden. There's always a weed growing as you know. I had to move my Astilbe as it seems not to like full sun as I was told. I always planted them in shade but the garden guy in town said they like sun and wet feet (moist soil) so I did what he said. Wrong! I hope I didn't kill them.
 I can't remember what this flower is but I love it. Before it fully opens it is pale pink and lime green then turns all white.
 Grandma's Big Blue Hosta never fails to out do itself. I have shared many starts from it and it still grows beyond my expectations. I wish grandma were here to see it and have tea with me in the garden. I know she would be wearing purple!
 These cheerful little Viola greet me on the front porch each morning.
 The newest garden by the front walkway is doing well. It is my "happy" garden as I can swing and enjoy butterflies, hummers and huge bumble bees busily collecting what they need.

  The pink cupped flowers are all volunteer and add nice color contrast to the Blanket flower.

DH had to go in this morning at 3:30 for a big golf tournament, that is why I am up so early. Also, I am picking mom up this morning to ride around in search of tag sales. We miss our sales and it is going to be in the upper 80's today so I plan on getting an early start and find a few for her before it is too hot.
I will be starting a few CQ projects this evening, it seems like years since I picked up a needle. I hope you have a great weekend and a sunny day!


  1. Your garden is beautiful, Pat. It must give you great inspiration for your crafting. I think your mystery flower is an Astrantia...the flowers press beautifully
    Ger x

  2. I love your gardens. I like to taking "internet" walks thru it. My garden is on both side of the walk way up to the front door. Part of which is in the shade. I always wanted a shade garden and now I have one. Must get out & weed this weekend, because it's going to the to be hot again next week. Yuh All the best.

  3. Lovely garden photos Pat! Much succcess with finding treasures in the yard sales. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. What a gorgeous garden Pat!
    It's not raining as much here, still very windy and cold....expecting your sunshine that you are sending any day now!


    Sandie xx

  5. Your flowers are so pretty. You're a busy girl, you get SO much done. Happy Friday to you, although it seems like Saturday to me because we went to some yard sales this morning and we usually do that on Saturdays!!!! Glad your Mom got to the beach, it must have made her feel so good.

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. Diane

  6. Your garden looks fabulous!! that garden guy sure was wrong!!!!! I bet that you managed to save your astilbe- they are pretty tough!! That beautiful white daisy type flower is stunning!! Would love to know what it is called. It almost looks like a straw flower of some sort. Is it perenial???
    Hope that you found some great sales!!! happy weekend!


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