Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Guess who joined me for a beach walk yesterday?

 Yesterday morning I took mom breakfast and a latte and after a little visiting she asked to go to the beach so off we went. Once again it was a gorgeous day.
Mom was anxious to get to the shore.
 She didn't walk too far but collected her treasures while I strolled in search of mermaid tears.
 This smooth aqua nugget caught my eye by the waters edge. I thought of Renee and how excited she was to find her aqua heart shaped piece. It does get your heart going, LOL.
 But what gets mine pumping faster is when I find a cobalt blue, even if it is small. (Hi dad)
I kept an eye on mom and when I saw her sitting on the sand I headed back to join her. We sat and laughed at silly things and enjoyed the fresh air and peaceful surroundings for quite a while. It was something she really needed especially since it has been hard for her to join me. I don't like to go to the beach without her but I too need my "fix" from time to time. I know how quickly time passes so I try to take advantage of good weather when I can, even when it means I will go solo.
These were my finds for the morning.
 It was good to have my beach buddy with me again.

Artful Gathering CQ101 begins today so I will be on and off to answer questions and greet students between hammock naps,LOL. Note to students: The freebie image sheets and stitch sheets are in the class room under the CQ101 class. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Renee Shedivy6:40 AM CDT

    Pat, I'm soooo happy your mom got to join you on the beach again. How wonderful. Love the purple tear too. Renee

  2. Pat, has anyone had a problem getting into Artful Gatherings? I was on Artful Gatherings and it said classes were open and something happened that would not allow me access at all. This site has been opened everyday since May 6.

    I also have not received the email that allow me to acccess your classroom.

  3. I am so very glad that your Mom got down to the beach!! good for her and you are so good to get her there!!! that Aqua piece really stunning! So glad your dad was there to say hi!! Good luck with your classes!!!

  4. Sounds like you both had a glorious morning...I'm so happy for you. Good luck with your classes, I'm sure they will be super fun and a great success! Sending hugs!

  5. You are so lucky with the's supposed to be 'Flaming June', more like cold March here! High winds and lashing rain, even the hardiest of the cats won't go out!
    So glad to see your Mom on the beach again and such lucky finds!
    I've been off-line for almost 2 weeks and feels more like 2months!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx


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