Saturday, June 02, 2012

 Two fun ladies came from Wisconsin on Thursday for class in my studio. Renee and Beverly. I really enjoyed meeting and working with them and look forward to seeing them again in a few months. They shared their crazy quilt projects with me and they were beautiful. I wish I would have taken photos of them. Renee brought her heart which is in the Summer issue of Crazy Quilt Gathering magazine and it is even prettier in person.

It was rainy both Thursday and Friday but we kept busy in class and we took time to enjoy a field trip to Lemon Creek fabrics in Michigan where we all found some goodies to add to our CQ stash. Afterward we had a yummy lunch next door, a spinach turnover pizza. It was really tasty!
 This morning was gorgeous so we wrapped up our visit with a walk along the beach collecting mermaid tears. Isn't this inviting?
 It was a beautiful beach day and I was so happy the weather cooperated the last day so they could stroll along the shore with me.
 Renee found the "prize" mermaid tear of the day, a large heart shaped Aqua piece.
Beverly's treasures weren't too shabby either. She even found heart shaped rocks.
 The last photo before we part. Thank you Bev and Renee, until next time!!!!!!!
 As they headed off toward Wisconsin and I headed home, I already missed them and their laughter. They said I got them motivated however it was them who motivated me. My muse has returned and we are ready to stitch!
Hope your weekend is beautiful!


  1. Hi ,is Evelyne. I have see the photos ....
    I love. in the first photo , the bottle with ribbons... I want to have..... kisses.

  2. Hi Pat, so glad to hear that you and your muse are ready for some stitching. I'm still "making" myself do things and stitch but it'll get better in time.

    Hugs, Pam


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