Monday, June 04, 2012

Antiques on the Bluff

Yesterday was gorgeous! We really lucked out with the weather for our outdoor antique adventure. We weren't expecting such a large event. The antique dealers were lined up all the way down the entire length of the Bluff with anything and everything you could want. To top it off we had this view of Lake MI and the sailboats as we browsed. So peaceful............
 You can see the top of the carousel I'm always talking about in the background. I never thought to ask Megan if she wanted to take a ride, shoot!
 My first purchases were made instantly. I found this rusty old ornament and had to have it for the front porch.
 Then I spotted this candelabra/chandelier to hang above the hammock in summer and the CQ studio in winter....
 All I need is a chain and some tapers and I'm all set! Oh yes, perhaps a glass of wine Renee and Bev gifted me with on Friday...

 I surprised Megan with a picture. (Sorry Megan, but you look so cute)

 We took our treasures to the car and had lunch then perused the shops to find a few more goodies before calling it a day. I really enjoyed myself and the company of Megan. It couldn't have been a better way to spend a warm sunny Sunday afternoon. Thanks Megan!

If you ever get the chance to attend this event, you won't be disappointed. There is truly something for everyone. I could have bought many things if I only had the room for them. :-)
While driving home DH called and wondered where I was. He was at my son's place expecting for me to still be there. He rode the bike up to surprise us. Argh! I had stopped to buy a few more perennials and was almost home so I didn't turn back. Oh well, the day was delightful as it was and I was ready for iced tea on the front porch swing. Don't you love days that fall into place and leave you feeling blissful and fulfilled? Not from the material things but the experiences.
Have a wonderfully blissful day!


  1. Renee Shedivy7:22 AM CDT

    Hey Pat, that's a great idea for the wine! Love your finds too. Mermaid tears on my LR table in a cut glass dish I found at the Antique Mall near our hotel! Such sweet memories. xoxo

  2. Oh what a perfectly blissful day you had - I could picture every minute of it

    Your special treasures you bought were just perfect

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM CDT

    Hi Pat, St. Joe looks like a very special place. Did you know that the National Carousel Association is holding it's annual convention there in Sept.? They always pick a very special carousel to feature. DH and I are really looking forward to taking a few spins on the carousel.

  4. Bev McCoun8:06 PM CDT

    Hi Pat, a chandelier over the hammock - that will be heaven! I'm very envious.

  5. Yes! Those are the best days of all......perfectly said!


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