Sunday, May 20, 2012

THE last CQ101 class kits

 Ok, I am overwhelmed by the interest in my online class kits so I put the very last ten in my etsy shop. Once these are sold, there will be no more because I do not have time to put them together before class begins. So, once and final announcement for crazy quilt online class kits for CQ101 Artful gathering class. The photo shows the image and colors I will use for embellishments, backing fabric, lining, etc. The kits will have everything the first kits have when shipped to you by Saturday May 26th. You can browse and buy in my etsy shop by clicking here. Thank you. Here are six of them (not complete yet but you get the idea of colorway)
Unless we have communicated via email or etsy convo and I confirmed a kit(s) for you, these are the only ones that will be available for my online class. If you ordered a kit, it is not shown here.


  1. Hi Patricia , is evelyne from France... all are beautiful... I have ordering 3 kits , because in my country , it s not....
    kisses , bye , evelyne.

  2. Here lays the reason you are having so many orders, you are a master at combining fabrics, trims etc and dyeing silk in the perfect color ways to match. Some of my own best work is when I have used the little packets like this you have sent me :)
    Guess what?????? I did my laundry......on Sunday......yup the load I told you about on Fri that had been in the wash since.....I'm too embarrassed to say ....hehe!


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