Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy May Day!

 Happy May Day!

I strolled around the garden to snap a few pretty flower pictures for May Day!
 Black raspberry Ice Petunia

 Stock...smells heavenly!
Yesterday I headed to the local garden center before the rain and gathered quite a few perennials and a few annuals. I spent the morning digging in my flower garden smelling of rich moist soil. I love that earthy scent right after it rains and how the air warms and you can see the fog just above the grass. I was having so much fun I continued after the rain started falling. I planted some things out front and people driving by probably thought I was a nut out there digging away, clothes drenched, but it was wonderful. I was going to get pictures of the other flowers but I need to charge my battery...phooey!

I finished the "Shades" trilogy on Sunday. I actually enjoyed it more as I began the second book and I really liked the ending. Quite different than what I usually read but since it was getting such attention in the news I figured it must be a good read. I heard that men are now reading it too,LOL. If anyone plans on buying the trilogy, I'm selling my copies for $35 ($37 if using paypal)for all three including shipping within the US. I paid $48 plus change for them last week. No bent pages or covers. Just thought I'd put that out there. I only read books once, just like movies, rarely watch them twice.

Today I finished another project for the magazine. I have one small thing to assemble while I'm awaiting submissions and off to the publisher. If anyone has Autumn related tutorials for anything crazy quilt related, I'm taking submissions now.

I hope you all had a nice May day and enjoyed your flowers....real, stitched, painted, etc!


  1. Digging in the garden just has to be up there amongst life's great pleasures.All gardeners are "mad", so hope they were gardeners(the people passing your house)!! We have a few keen gardeners round here, and we all have a "gardening uniform", of the Very Tacky Sort!!Beaten up straw hat,Very Old Sneakers, gloves with holes in them.
    loved looking at your pretty flowers.,

  2. Wow,Petunias in the garden already!
    We wouldn't dare put them out until the end of May on this side of the 'pond'!
    The flowers are lovely,as is the mulch!

    Have a great time in/out of the garden and may the Sun shine on you and your flowers.


    Sandie xx

  3. you only watch movies once? Have you see Back to the Future? The set of 3 movies are a must see over and over!!!
    Your flowers are very pretty!!!


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