Monday, May 07, 2012

Great weekend

The weekend held an unexpected treat. My son phoned Saturday evening to invite us over so we high tailed it to St. Joe Sunday and had a nice lunch and visit with him and his sweet girlfriend. I think I've decided if they don't marry one day I'm just going to adopt her,LOL. We had a chance to speak alone and I learned she loves baking. It was fun hearing her so excited about cooking stores and the treasures they hold. She and a friend stopped at one in down town St. Joe and she fell in love with a periwinkle mixer. Who wouldn't? I will have to check that out soon.
I was being good at lunch and had the perch which was so delicate and not over seasoned. Yum! Unfortunately as we parked it started to rain lightly, antique dealers were packing up their cars. Apparently there had been a row of dealers earlier and we missed it..phooey! I made plans with Megan to check the upcoming events and we will hit a few this year. I so love St. Joe!!!! Perhaps I can even contact a few friends who live up there and invite them to join us and then treat them to lunch. That would be fun..putting it on my list.
It rained last night and this morning the poppies are wet and droopy. It never fails, when poppies bloom, the rains arrive.
 Oh well, everything is growing beautifully and the fern are outstanding this year. I don't have photos of work to share yet, but soon. I better go take the apple pie from the oven, it smells tempting around here :-) Then a cup of tea and the porch swing before I get back to work.
 Have a great day!

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  1. Oh what a fun weekend and to connect with the son's love is super-bonus! My youngest son divorced my "daughter" and so far I have not been able to make a single connection with the new girl. Lucky you - cultivate it because it is so special!!


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