Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great day for an outing

It is cool with overcast skies today and a chance of rain. What better conditions for a trip to the big fabric warehouse in Chicago with Jilly. I hope to find some pretties but just getting out and about will be a nice treat in itself.
I called the vet yesterday about the fawn in my back yard and he said just leave it and the mother will return after dark. I worried because we have coyotes and bi raccoon which kill small animals and the fawn was no more than a day or two old. I took DHs spot light and went out to see if it was alright around 10:00 and there were two deer leading the baby toward the woods. I could only see the two sets of eyes and the baby's behind and long thin legs. It was standing on those two little stilts, happy as can be with its mom and possibly aunt,LOL. Contented with what I saw, I turned off the bright light and returned to my own safe haven. What a relief to know the mother returned to claim her little gift. I did get a few other photos from my phone. Some nice close ups.
 I had better get going, gotta stop at the post office to mail off kits before heading to Jilly's. I hope you have a great day and fun holiday weekend.


  1. A happy ending! I would do what you did - fret and stew until I knew things were alright with the little fawn. Have a wonderful weekend Pat. Diane

  2. What a wonderful ending. Great photos Pat.

  3. Oh Pat, how cool is that~
    Thank you for sharing this sweet happy ending story with all of us :)

  4. What a sweet baby fawn! I'm so glad the mom came back - I would have been so worried too. I'm watching two Canada geese couples with about nine babies between them. The babies are at the adolescent big fuzzy stage, but they are still cute.

  5. What a precious little creature! And so glad you have the relief of knowing that that mom is there to take care of the baby.

    I rescued an injured Cardinal bird last week but he didn't make it. So nice to see a new little life.

    Hugs, Pam

  6. How sweet!! I'm so glad that momma returned for her baby - she must have known that the fawn was in good hands while under your watch.

  7. That was such a nice post. Happy for the fawn. The momma must've been grateful to you for looking out for her little one while she was temporarily gone.

  8. Great pictures Pat, what a sweet baby!

  9. Hi Pat,

    I am writing to you in regards to the Artful Gathering session.
    I would love to join your class for the second session and wondering if you have any more of the eyeglass kits left?
    I would love to be a part of your class.

    Thank you so much,

    Art of Mine


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