Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Glorious day!

 This morning I took off to the beach. It was too early for mom and her back has been bothering her again so I didn't bother waking her. It was humid and already very warm with overcast and the beach was all mine. They graded the sand so the dunes were gone. They will be back end of the season I'm sure.
 I first found this aqua mermaid tear...

Then this greenie...
 The lake was pretty calm and so peaceful.
 I'm always absorbed in my thoughts as I walk, especially when I'm alone. I rarely pay attention to what is ahead of me however a dog barking snapped me out of my daze and I realized my destination would have been quite a surprise. I went to the end before turning around and continue up the other side.

On my way home I spotted a family of geese out for their morning swim.
 This was my loot for the day. I found a shard of green pottery for mom.
On the way home I heard we were to expect more rain so I sped up so I could mow. I finished everything and got to weed a bit as well. It was pretty warm today but so far no rain. Everything looks so lush and green.  Now I can sit on the porch swing a stitch the rest of the week. I'm excited for the online class registration to begin tomorrow at Artful Gathering. I'm looking forward to meeting my students and sharing throughout the 6 week course. DH just got home so I better hit the kitchen. Enjoy your evening!


  1. Such prety coloured pieces of glas and pebble .Lovely to be able to walk with no one around . I hope you have lots of fun with your class mates

  2. I can spell but I forget I have to press heavier on this laptop

  3. I also love walking the beach lost in thought, collecting seaglass, shells, driftwood, or whatever interesting bits I find along the way. So very peaceful. Loved your photos.

  4. Pat, you have certainly a beautiful home,gardens and also your studio which I showed DH so he wouldn't think I had too much in my stash (crazy quilting, rug hooking & knitting)LOL. Is that Lake Michigan in your photos?
    "Life begin in a garden"

  5. That's a good haul of 'treasure'!
    Lovely shell in the topr right corner.
    You achieved quite a bit there!

    Enjoy the rest of the week,
    Sandie xx

  6. Great haul from your beach walk!! Love the lavender bits!! the pebbles alone are so beautiful!! I just finished a textile collage of a coral reef and I stitched rocks into bits of lace so I could add them to the reef!! the beautiful stones that you have out there would be perfect for that application!!

  7. Sometimes it's nice to just have your thoughts for company. Love your loot. How lucky to see the Canadian Geese and their babies. Diane

  8. What nice little treasures you found. You have such a lovely place to walk. Enjoyed walking with you today.

  9. Hi Pat, what a lovely place to walk and collect treasures, what d you do with all the glass you collect?

  10. What a lovely colour palette of pebbles! Enjoy your class Pat! Imagine it will keep you busy.


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