Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Flower Power!

Yesterday mom and I had so much fun. We stopped at two garden markets and filled the car. We pretty much filled it at the first stop in New Buffalo and was planning on lunch but then we spotted another place and had to stop there too. The gal managed to fit everything in the car by putting plastic on the back seat and filling it too.
 We just couldn't stop gathering perennials. You know how it imagine it planted and you have to have it. After dropping mom off I went home and changed into my grubs then headed outside to plant. I still have a few more things to place today and bury my stepping stones after I go plant mom's flowers. Also, when I returned home, the hammock was waiting for me so that was exciting. I was shocked to find it was smaller than the previous ones I bought but it sure is comfy.
 After mowing, weeding and planting I was just about to take a water break and one of our friends who worked with DH at US Steel stopped by. I offered him a drink then he wanted to walk though the garden and I was more than happy to do so. He does all of his own landscaping and planting so he enjoyed it. After he left DH put up the hammock but he has to pick up proper cable for it since it was shorter. I continued grooming the garden then decided to try it out.
 I laid in it and looked up through the leaves into the clear baby blue sky and wished my little girl was beside me. I would love to look at her sweet little face one more time. I know I wouldn't have gotten one third of what I've accomplished this spring if I wasn't trying to keep busy. I guess we are all driven by something, good or bad.
 I am so glad I made this front garden. Walking out the front door to the porch swing each morning with coffee in hand and being greeted with blooms is a great way to start my day. I moved the bird feeders to the front window so they had more privacy. Now I can't seem to keep the feeders filled!!!

(Kathy, this is the front garden along the walkway I was talking about.)
 Well, I better head to moms and get back to bury the stepping stones in the mulch and then work on the magazine. I hope you enjoy your day and stop to smell the roses!


  1. What a beautiful house with all your lovely flower. I a small garden which is rather isolate up to the front door. I call it my "secret garden". My bleeding hearts in white and pink are huge. I put in violet last year because it's one of my favorite flowers. Beats me how they are everywhere. Even on the side of house. I have to p/u a few pernnaials. Looking at your house and garden get me a pick up and certainly inpiraton.

  2. ooh how pretty!
    I've done that! stuffed the car so full of plants you look like a mobile greenhouse!)
    happy planting!
    I have mulch to weed!)
    FLora in Bothell

  3. Wow, Pat. Your yard and gardens are just gorgeous.

  4. You always sound so well organized and you get so much done! Your gardens are scrumptious. Hope you also have a wonderful day. Diane

  5. Oh, that front porch just looks like a little nest of tranquility. Well done!!

  6. Your landscaping is amazing-lots of work. Your knee must be better-good.

  7. Pat, your gardens are fabulous, your house is lovely, you sound like an excellent hostess, you produce a marvelous mag, you're a fantastic daughter. Need I go on? How do you do it all? What do you TAKE for all that energy? I'm reminded of that famous quote from When Harry Met Sally ... "I'll have what she's having." hahaha! You go, girl!


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