Friday, May 11, 2012

Blissful days............

 Yesterday started off great and continued into the night. A phone conversation with a dear friend with lots of laughter is most certainly a great beginning to any day I'm sure you would agree. Although I was exhausted afterward from laughter, I headed to moms to plant her flowers which I didn't get to the day before. Mom's back has been bothering her again and she has to take breaks when walking now. I don't think beach walks will be as frequent for her this year. I see another chapter closing and it saddens me however we do have the flower garden to chatter about while sitting on her front deck. While I was planting I walked through the older garden I made for her years ago and gathered some Hostas and other perennials to transplant closer, within her view from the deck. I can't wait to give her the Arbor for Mother's Day so DH is going to install it this evening. I think I will put her bench somewhere near it so she can walk through the little garden and view it from the other end while resting. It is getting pretty full, something she has never had to enjoy before as her plantings were scattered throughout the two acre front yard. I have her water fountain set up by a tree and two starts of wisteria which will be trained over the arbor. It is a start, but I wish it were more established so she could enjoy what I envision it to be in a few years.

When I returned home I began weeding throughout my gardens. You know the old expression, " There are two things certain in life, death and taxes."? Well, for gardeners it is pests and weeds! LOL I can weed all day and still find them hidden about the plantings. Argh!

After dinner DH took his favorite sunny spot on the glider on the back deck and I headed off to my hammock in the back garden. In a short time I was on the verge of napping as I used a driftwood branch to keep me swinging, lulling me to sleep. I could have stayed there all evening. The Redbud leaves above me filtering the sunlight so it wasn't too warm, just right. When I finally forced myself onto my feet I found DH on the front porch hanging my mosquito net over my swing. When I sit on the swing in the evening I usually get hit by a flying insect and occasionally a bird comes a little too close for comfort, so I thought a net would be the solution plus it is romantic and just a fun thing to enjoy. He installed it with one of my paper lanterns with a pulley so I could bring it down closer to read at night if desired. One lady stopped her car and took a picture,LOL.
Last night...poor photo..sorry.
 Early this morning...

 Now I will be ready for the bumble bees that like to buzz too close while collecting pollen. Their path is blocked! I must say I feel a bit like a child sitting in a fort made of chairs draped with a sheet when I sit beneath my shroud of netting...I like it!

I'm off to my garden to gather some Daisy's, Campanula and Lambs ear for moms garden before it gets too warm. I think I will have lunch on the porch today surrounded by favorite magazines....and perhaps even a glass of wine! 
Have a blissful day!


  1. Your porch glider looks so inviting. Sorry to hear your mom is having difficulty with her walks. My mom is also having a few more problems so I know what you are talking about. Happy mother's day Pat.

  2. That is a lovely solution to the problem of bugs! I used mosquito netting when I lived in Holland (screens aren't common) but using it as you did here on my patio just never occurred to me. Screening in the whole thing did, but not just screening myself.
    I think I love your garden musings as much as I love your crazy quilt ones.

  3. Just calling in to say "hello". Life doesn't get too much better than this. What a gorgeous place to sit and read of an evening!
    Oh yes the weeds - and Oh! the Autumn leaves which I am raking up everywhere at present but they are so divine in colour!
    You are such a gem to your blessed mum Pat. How very fortunate are you both to work to enjoy her garden view - life's little pleasures!!
    Hugs and love to you dear friend,

  4. You and your mom have such a nice relationship. It's just sweet to read about it. Blessings, Diane

  5. What a great idea this is! I could hang one from the tree. We have so many bugs in the woods! What a great daughter you are - I'm sure your mom really appreciates all the flowers!

  6. Hi Pat, thought I'd pop over and see what you've been up to! Just ordered some of your Mag Cloud mags! Can't wait to get them! They look like they're full of gorgeous eye candy!


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