Friday, April 13, 2012

Using my time wisely...catching up.

For the past week it has been chilly but sunny here so I have been spreading 20 yards of mulch throughout the garden and yard. It is quite a job but it takes my mind off of things and I get some exercise too. Soon I can just sit in the garden or swing on the porch and dedicate my time to stitching and planning my studio classes. I will groom the edging when it warms up a bit so I can plop my fanny on the ground since I can't kneel anymore (hear this Mom #2 TC & mom #3 JO) which is annoying. I never thought I would miss kneeling.

 My little shady hammock area in the back garden is all ready for  the hammock but I have a week before the new one arrives.

 I decided I wanted the hammock from Victorian Trading company but after thinking about the weathering it would get around here I Googled hammocks and found another one at half the price and still pretty. The cape Cod hammock. If I like it I will buy another to keep on hand because the price was right.
  I hung my rusty "Candleir" in the Redbud tree and will string mini white lights all about the branches so when the hammock is in place I can lay on it at night and dream of pretty gardens, CQ stash and new projects as I reflect on sweet memories of my little Angell.
 She loved taking breaks with me in the hammock as you can see.
Yet she is still close by. I love this little plaque Terri. Thank you again.
  I'm amazed that the Lilac trees are still in full bloom and still has a strong scent. Love it!
  I took a trip on Tuesday and found some pretty brick colored cushions and umbrella for the back deck furniture to coordinate with the brick house. I'm tired of green on green. This is more cheerful and very comfy too.
 Yesterday I took mom shopping and we took the back roads so she could see the Wisteria again as we drove by my home. Last weekend DH put up some lattice for the Wisteria to climb on. He is such a handy guy. I think he is trying to keep me busy and my mind off of our loss. That will take some time but I am feeling more positive each day and certainly am getting a lot accomplished.
 One of the neighbors by mom had an old wire rack by the road so when I returned home I phoned to see if they wanted to part with it. I later got a call telling me to come get it. I was so excited and feel like I found a pot of gold. What do you think?
The neighbor phoned after getting my phone message thanking them and told me it had belonged to their grandmother who previously owned the home. I used to ride my bike to her home and pick cherries and eat them until I could hold no more. This makes this beautiful rusty treasure even more special to me.

Well, I've got to run and meet a handy man at one of the rentals so ta ta for now...have a wonderful day!


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM CDT

    I am so sorry about your little Angell--we always miss them for sure. Your home, yard and gardens are just beautiful--you are very creative and talented----MaryBonnell

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM CDT

    Pat, Your yard and garden are looking just wonderful. The new hammock looks comfy and so you! I am totally jealous of your new plant rack .... I've been looking for one and only found a small single one at our local thrift store. Yours is just fabulous! So glad to see you out and active again. Keep Angell's sweet memory with you .... hope things keep getting a little better.

  3. I'm sorry for your little pet, it's always so painful to loose them. I've just one month ago lost my dear dog :´( Thank you for little Suzi's link, cant stop admireing on your and her crafts.
    (forgive me my bad english)

  4. 20 yards of mulch? Ouch! That hammock looks so comfie but it certainly couldn't be used in the evening here - the mosquitoes would eat you alive. No lilacs here yet, but it's amazing how long the forsythia is staying in blossom this year. Normally we feel lucky if we get two or three days and this year it's been over two weeks....and counting.

  5. Everything it looking so beautiful!! I love the deck area with the new cushions and everything else as well! I feel like I know your garden so well after imagining myself sitting there with you and a nice glass of wine - lol! I am still so heartbroken about Angell.....your doing really wonderfully but I know that painful tug of the heart that comes over us all after we loose our little dog babies. I'm so happy you like the plaque :)
    I worked outside all day today and thought of you everytime the wisteria caught my eye, ours is just ready to bloom! When I wake up tomorrow, I will look out the window first thing and hope to see those beautiful little purple petals hanging down!

  6. Ps The metal shelf is CRAZZZZZZZZY beautiful!!!!!

  7. I hadn't realized that Angel had passed over the rainbow bridge. I am so so sorry. I waited a year before I got a new love, Buddy. I told my DH I was tired of being sad. Don't wait too long. Angel wants you to be happy. I loved her from far away. Such a sweetheart and gentle soul.


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