Friday, April 27, 2012

Popping in

It has been cool around here this week, what I call, "outside work weather," so I've been cleaning out mom's little flower garden I made for her last Autumn. It is directly off the porch so she can access it easily. Her water fountain is set up and the mulch is refreshed and plants are growing nicely. Soon she will have a beautiful burst of color. I have to pop in a few annuals here and there yet. I bought her a new set of  outdoor furniture and when the deck gets a new coat of stain she will be ready to invite me for tea as we admire the garden color. We bought her an entrance trellis for new wisteria plantings to climb but I'm saving that for Mother's Day. Shhhhh. Yes, it has been a busy week and I sink into bed feeling good and tired each night.

The only stitching I've been doing is for the magazine so I have nothing to show just yet. Next week I have to concentrate on getting the summer issue ready for publishing. This takes some time but I enjoy it. I wish I had more photoshop skills and might take a lesson when things calm down. I'm not sure my brain can store or comprehend techy info but I'll give it a try. If anyone has anything else they would like to share in the summer issue, please send it asap. All are welcome to share, this magazine is for you.

My Lavender filled felted brooch class started Tuesday the 24th and it isn't to late to sign up. It lasts for two weeks here. Maureen Greeson is hosting it along with several other assorted classes.

May 3rd is almost here, and the Artful Gathering classes will be open for sign ups. I'm excited about that. We have all worked so hard, and Zinnia, poor girl has really done an outstanding job putting this together. There isn't anything out there that compares, as far as online classes go. So many artists sharing such detailed information and having access to us for six weeks to question and share your progress with. I love it. If you haven't already, take a browse to see what is offered. Even if you don't want a crazy quilting class, there are so many cool projects going on and in the comfort of your own home on your time. Don't let the $5 registration fee scare you away, it is in place for a good reason and keeps these classes exclusive to you, the student. After you pay that, you have access to so much information, including freebies. Trust me it is so worth a cup of coffee! Sorry to sound like I'm begging, its just that I am so excited for you to see what we have worked on for months.

So things are looking up here at Winterthur (LOL) and going well. My knee, for those who asked, is fine and I'm happy to be walking without pain, and no mom #2 & #3, I'm still not kneeling. I can't, it feels like something will break,LOL. Anyway, all is good and I am enjoying this lush spring we have been gifted with. Rain seems to fall as if on cue, just when the plants and flowering trees need it. My hammock still hasn't arrived :-( Today I'm hoping it will be here. I need to lay in it with the new books I bought at Barnes. I'm reading the "racy" trilogy that is so popular but not liking it very much. I'm afraid that was money wasted. I bought two other books that seem more like my type but promised myself I would finish the trilogy first. Promises....are they made to be broken?
So I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying what they love. I feel like an empty nester, the first time in 26 years, with no one around but me to entertain. I'm so glad I have gardening and stitching to keep me quite busy. I can never complain of boredom. I am off for a little bike ride.
 Have a wonderful day.


  1. Good Morning Pat, I was just thinking about you this morning as I was sitting on my deck with my morning coffee flipping through all my Crazy Quilt Gathering Magazines...I just kept thinking- "I love this magazine!" I am so very happy you grabbed the bull by the horns and made it happen!

    I too have been busy working in my gardens as we have had an early spring - I just noticed this morning my wisteria is in bloom!!!

    Happy to hear your knee is feeling better and that you are on the mend!

    Nicki Lee

  2. Which trilogy? There are quite a few out there right now that could be termed "racy".

    1. Got your reply on my blog, thanks!
      Now you have me wanting to plant a wisteria vine along my front patio roof. They're so pretty.

  3. So Glad you are able to walk about etc with your knee all mended.
    Your Mums' garden will look beautiful in full bloom, pics please?!
    We are having a very rainy time here, water everywhere and still they say we have a drought situation....?

    happy gardening/creating.

    Sandie xx


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