Thursday, April 19, 2012

It bloomed!!!!

 A few years ago my sweet friend Elizabeth and I exchanged some flower starts via the mail. Elizabeth sent me a Primrose. Each spring I would carefully weed the Vinca away and try to keep it happy but no blooms. When asked if it had bloomed yet I hated to say no, but this year....I can say YES! My Primrose bloomed Elizabeth.
  So far two sweet petite creamy blooms appeared. I guess maybe it likes to be crowded among the Vinca? Perhaps hugged in greenery?
Also, this morning I noticed the Purple Royal Empress or, Paulownia is starting to bloom. It is loaded this year.

I finished spreading the last of the 20 yards of mulch yesterday. I started around 7am and finished as Dh was arriving home from work at 2:30. I stopped only for water breaks and was too exhausted for anything but a soak in a milk and honey bath. DH grilled and I happily enjoyed the rest of the evening in my comfy chair. This morning my back doesn't ache at all..yeah!!!

I'm taking mom to lunch to celebrate the end of mulching...hey, you have to celebrate all accomplishments I think. I thought we would swing by Panera to pick up some cheese broccoli soup and split a panini with our green iced tea then head over to the garden park for a picnic. It will be mostly overcast skies but that will keep it nice and cool so we can have a walk around to enjoy the flowering trees and gardens. That is unless the rain comes early.

 I have been stitching but can't really share because it is for the magazine coming in June or a tad earlier???? Here is a sneak peek...these two things go together in one project...any idea of what this could be? Hint~ I've never made one before. :-)

Enjoy your day!


  1. I am so excited that the primrose has finally bloomed. Is it in deep shade? It may not be getting enough sun. If it gets morning sun it should be fine but I am not sure that it likes to compete with the vinca. I am going to send you a few more starts this fall that you can plant in various spots to try to find a place where it will bloom it's fool head off!!
    So glad that you got all of your mulching done!! Your knee must be feeling alot better!!!! Bravo!!

  2. How about a journal cover. It could be the front and back. Whatever it is going to be it will be beautiful.

    I can't wait to get home and see my daughter after reading about your lunch trip to the beautiful gardens.


    ps - your Mom looks good and hope she has a great summer.


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