Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Healing garden

 Hello my friends. As you can see, the Wisteria is now blooming on the front porch. This morning it greeted me almost in full bloom and took my breath away. I still can't believe after years of dreaming of Wisteria dripping from my porch it has come to fruition. It looks so unreal and I'm enjoying every moment of its visit. I really needed some beauty and I am surrounded by it this spring.
 This year started out not as I had hoped however it is time for accepting the things we cannot change and go forward. Enjoy each day and with the beautiful spring we are having, it is hard not to. The Red bud tree is in full bloom inviting me to bring out the hammock and stare up at its beauty.
The lilac at the back door has begun to release it's fragrance which flows through the house and summons me outdoors each morning.
 The Crabapple tree with clusters of pink blooms at the front of the garden invites onlookers to take a peek through the garden gate.
 I can't think of any place more healing than a garden. Before we moved the first of our belongings into our home 23 years ago I pictured a garden filled with flowering trees and colorful plants with fern sprinkled about. The only thing here that hinted at someone who cared years ago was a single lilac bush. It was in full bloom and the sweet scent wafting in the air confirmed that this place needed someone who would love it and I started out digging and planting almost immediately.

 The next spring my father made an archway trellis for the front of my garden and my hubby built a picket fence which I painted white (of course) and I planned my garden throughout the years transplanting and accumulating plants from friends and neighbors. I called it my friendship garden and as I strolled within the garden rooms through the years memories of those friendships warmed my heart.
 When I stroll through the garden in winter months it is so quiet and peaceful and I can't wait until spring warmth brings new life. When I stroll through the garden in spring I feel the excitement of new life emerging through the moist warm earth. As I stroll through the garden in the summer I feel inspired to stitch and begin new projects. When I stroll through the garden in autumn I feel it shutting down for a long winter's rest and by that time I am ready for a rest as well.
 Sometimes when I look out into the garden I can't believe that I planted it all by hand, one seed, one root at a time.
This time of year I am amazed at the flowering trees that tower over and surround my garden as if to say wake up, its spring! I sat in the garden for many weeks stitching on the crazy quilt wall hanging, "Life Within A Garden" thinking of my father, the gardener of the family.
 When I am having a bad day, all it takes is a walk through the garden to clear my mind as if it held magical powers. It is my safe haven. It is always there for me and one step into the garden is all it takes for the healing to begin. Last Saturday the garden accepted my little Angell. A day that I thought I could not recover from proved me wrong. Placed under the Forsythia tree which was the first thing I planted here 23 years ago she sleeps with the angels. A comforting plaque I received from my sweet friend Terri, arrived a few days before the vets arrival and I couldn't have chosen anything more appropriate. As the years pass and my memory begins to fail me I will always know where my little companion was laid to rest. Thank you Terri, that was such a thoughtful gift and exactly what was needed. The healing has begun and although there is an empty space in my heart, I know it will fill up very soon by sweet memories. Thank you all for the comforting words, they helped a lot. I hope you all have a wonderful day in your gardens.


  1. Oh Pat, I can't really say much now, it's so sad. All of us that have been there know this deep stabbing pain. Time truly heals and yet....there under the surface it is easy to retrieve.The garden..is it any wonder it was God's first gift to man.I walked with you through your garden as I read your post. As the forsythia drops it's beautiful yellow petals...let 2 of them be from me and Teddi.
    Sending love.....

  2. I am so sorry to read you had to say goodbye to your dear Angell. You are right: a beautiful garden is healing, as nature allways is.

  3. Hi Pat...such lovely Spring images here...I love Wisteria...it's so classy and timeless. I hope you will soon be smiling again. Wishing you peace.

  4. I'm glad you've got a special place to go to which will always make you think of your furry angel.

  5. I'm glad too that you have such a magical garden and peaceful, perfumed space to sit and stitch and gather your thoughts.
    That was a lovely gift from your friend Terri too.
    Your garden is more advanced than ours over this side of the 'pond', although the cherry tree is just starting to flower and the lilac has lots of buds starting and the forsythia has been flowering fully for about a week now.
    The highlight for me is when the roses bloom...the perfume is intoxicating!

    Well, look after yourself,take care,


    Sandie xx

  6. I came to visit your blog today as the photo of the wisteria beckoned me. My heart was warmed by your stroll through the seasons and warmed even more when you shared that you are doing well despite your little one passing away. I appreciate you sharing the details of your garden's growth and your own personal growth as well.
    You are inspiring Pat.
    Love Amber

  7. Pat,

    It's good to hear a renewed strength in your voice again; this year has been so hard for you physically and emotionally. Angell has a beautiful place to rest and we should all be that fortunate. To be loved unconditionally and then to rest beneath God's wonders of nature. I hope you continue to gather your strengths...your joy is missed.

  8. I am very sorry for your loss. My last little kitty sleeps under a blue spruce tree, her favorite

  9. I am so sorry to read of Angell's passing. I know this is a difficult time, but having her in the garden with you will bring much comfort.
    We lost our beloved Cody on January 1st this year, brought him home with us, and he now rests near the gingko tree in our garden. Soon, once it is warm enough, we'll plant flowers over his resting spot.
    We speak with him ever day as we visit our garden, and feel his presence there, for it was the spot where he loved to drop and roll in the grasses, or lie and chew a good stick.
    One of the beautiful cards we received was written:
    "They are gone from our sight....
    But never our memory,
    Gone from our hearing.....
    but never our hearts.
    gone from our touch....but their presence is felt,
    and the love that they gave us never departs."
    I hope these words comfort you, too.

  10. Pat, I'm so sorry for your loss. I am approaching that myself and can't imagine how I will get through it. Your words give me hope.

    Thanks you.


  11. How thoughtful of Terri. I had you in my thoughts Saturday knowing the pain you were going through. Now the wonderful memories can flow in. Hugs dear friend. Sharon and of course Teddy too.

  12. My thoughts remain with you Pat. I can see and feel your pain in this post but I can also see your hope for better times.

    I know how terribly painful it is to give rest to a precious companion and furbaby.

    Sending lots of love and hugs over Lake Michigan to you!


  13. Each year when your wisteria blooms you will have a beautiful reminder of how special your Angell was. I'm sure that spectacular display of beauty in your garden is there to give comfort to your heart right now.

  14. Dear Pat ... your garden & all it's beauty surely is a healing place ... and now with Angell resting there ... a place you can visit & remember her.

    Gentle Hugs ... Marie

  15. Anonymous5:05 PM CDT

    Sorry to hear about Angell,just caught up with your blog..........your garden will be a great remembrance of her....... sending lots and lots of hugs your way....from kathleen in MI

  16. hello Pat, that's a gorgeous wall hanging!! I LOVE the colours and beautiful details! xo Wendy


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