Thursday, March 01, 2012

Terri Takacs in the news!

I have met several sweet friends through blogging. Some share my passion for crazy quilting and some share the love of gardening while others find me or I find them because the universe wants us to and all are special to me. I've become very close to one particular soul I met early on, Terri Takacs. When we met our lives seemed to be parallel to each other. We shared laughter and tears and get chills and do the happy dance when one of us has a triumph, cheer each other on when we are feeling less than adequate and support each other facing family matters, its like having a sister I haven't met yet.
I just discovered this morning that exactly one month ago my dear friend Terri was featured in her home town paper and I think it is newsworthy! You will want to read this article especially if you love crazy quilting.If you don't know her already, you can find Terri on her blog and etsy shop where her beautiful work and blissful gardening is discussed as she puts her family first and enjoys life's blessings.
Terri will be a vendor in three shows in March/April/May since the article was published. She is doing her part to bring awareness to crazy quilting. Go Terri!!!!!! (akaSP)


  1. You are such a dear part of my life, thank you for that! Your inspiration, instruction and generous sharing of stash was a driving force in helping me grow in my love of crazy quilting! The whole world opens up when you find that someone else hears the same song in their heart as you <3

  2. Oh I love her blog and visit it regularly. It's wonderful to have a kindred spirit isn't it.

    It's Karma Pat - and you deserve all the good kindnesses you receive

  3. When we find this rare thing, a true friend, we are so very blessed. She sounds like a very lovely person.

  4. What a lovely lady, just like yourself and yes, you are Sisters, Sisters of kindred spirit, thread and cloth!

    Where would we be without the likes of you two, to inspire, be a listener, and love unconditionally?

    I'm going now honest.

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  5. Wonderful post Pat. It sounds like you two just clicked. Thanks for sharing the info.

  6. Hi Pat, I am so touched that Terri used my painting of a cottage on your cover. I gave her permission to tell the story of 911 and my two best friends who died . This cottage features very much in the story and I hope the memories are soft and gentle as they fade into history.
    You are the best Pat, Love Lilla


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