Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is almost here stay!

We had a mild winter and spring is so close to sticking around. I have been so busy making class videos and kits that I haven't had time for the computer however I did sit on the swing the past two mornings for chats with mom while sunning and breathing in the scent of spring. The wet earth, the sunshine (yes, it does have a scent) and listening once again to the birdsong serenade. I don't have to tell you it was as welcome as rain in a drought. Lilac leaves are budding, snowdrops have been in bloom for a month, daffodils, Iris and naked ladies are pushing through the earth about 7" now and the mornings are filled with sunshine while the evenings are filled with the sounds of frogs in the creek. The lively noise of frogs remind me of my childhood days when the frogs sitting at the edge of the wet spots sprinkled within the woods behind our country home were so loud. Many evening I would just sit on the ground leaning against the peach tree and listen trying to figure out their language or try to count how many different noises they made. Of course I never could make heads or tails of it.
 I knew when morning came I would grab an old miracle whip jar and pull on my red boots and head to the woods to capture a few friends to introduce to our pond in the lower yard. Every frog I caught was named "Georgie." I have no idea why or how I came up with that name. I didn't even know a George.
I didn't have girls to play with in my small neighborhood so animals, insects, frogs, and make believe worlds were my daily play pals. My parents nickname for me, "Elly Mae," was inevitable as I tried to make all animals a friend and rescued any I could find. When I was very young I remember finding a newborn mouse in the tool shed. It was the tiniest creature I had ever seen, so pink and helpless with not a hair on it's body. I picked up the little cold baby and ran to the house to wrap it in toilet paper. I was so excited and made a home for it in a cigar box. I made the mistake of showing mom. I remember she placed the box on top of the refrigerator so it could "sleep" for a while and had me wash my hands with a rinse of rubbing alcohol. I figured it was to prevent the baby from getting my germs. When I asked for the box the mouse was gone. I was heartbroken for a day. There were too many new adventures to conquer for grieving. I wasn't deprived but enriched with an imagination that I possibly would never had developed if not for being an only girl needing the escape of boys, cap guns, dirt clods, and playing the army victim.
Yes, frogs singing in the spring is a pleasant sound for me. I love my childhood memories and the comforting feeling I get when thinking of them. Not just remembering the fun I had but knowing now how gently my parents handled situations without harshness, yet protecting me from harm. Now, as a mother, I know I had the best teachers.

It is another beautiful morning and before I begin my work I think I will pull on my boots, grab my crutches and wander to the creek and walk through the woods to see the signs of spring. I know it is here....I heard it.
Enjoy your day and I hope you too hear a frog singing.


  1. Good Morning Pat, What a sweet story. Thank you for awakening some long ago memories for me too. Running around with my empty jar catching butterflies so I could look at them up close and scooping up tadpoles from a nearby creek.....makes you want to be a kid all over again.

    Happy to hear you are up and about and enjoying your days.

    Nicki Lee

  2. What a lovely post, thank you for sharing! We are cold and gray and pouring rain here in Portland today so I hope all the little frogs are finding cozy toadstool umbrellas to protent them. Or maybe they will choose one of those little frog houses in my backyard!

  3. Thank you for taking us back in time with you. Brought back many memories from my own childhood. I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood and bring home every stray dog that crossed my path.

  4. Pat, your post takes me to the magical world of childhood.Funny how sounds are so evocative. I am listening to warbling magpies at the moment.Their song is so "Australian".I loved hearing the babies this year learning to warble!
    Love frogs too.

  5. Thank you for a lovely story of your childhood.Your post are always enjoyable.

  6. very nice,have a good weekend from Tenerife!!!

  7. Hi, Pat - I know what you mean about this time of year. I think it's too short though. Down here in Tennessee the hot days come too quickly. I am getting wonderful response when I talk about Crazy Quilt Gatherings and show people your magazine. Hopefully, you are selling more copies because of my "marketing.". ;). Thank you again for featuring such a nice article of my tatting.

  8. What a lovely blog, I love reading about Srping and everything that is becoming new again. I too also love the sound of the frogs, my sister said it had been such a mild Spring in England that the frogs spawned weeks ago and all she can hear is the sound of the frogs in her pond, thanks for sharing, Maureen

  9. Hi Pat, What a wonderful story from childhood. It reminds me so much of my own memories. I just visited Maureen and saw the lovely bag you created for her. It is gorgeous and I love all the beautiful details. Marueen is so special and she certainly will enjoy your pretty.
    I have so enjoyed visiting your lovely blog and now a new follower too.
    Have a wonderul weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. Ahhh ~ that was such a sweet story! I had to play army with my cousins too ~ I went there everyday after school. My cousin John wanted perfect acting and was not happy if I got bored too quick when playing "dead"! He ended up doing Civil War reanactments for years at Harpers Ferry and in Pa. until he passed away about 12 years ago.You brought back wonderful memories! As far as the frogs ~ I won't share the story about the time I decided to disect one to find out if eye balls were hard or soft.....;)


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