Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The garden is coming alive!

I took a little garden walk this morning. It was torture and blissful at the same time. I wish so badly that I could kneel down and dig, rake away the dead debris and mow. It is tempting to try but I only have a little more time to go (Monday) before I learn if the surgery was successful so I will hold off until then and just observe the beauty and dream of the day I can get in there and whip it in shape. Until then I will share the blissful part with you........Bursts of sunshine.....
 Sweet Forget-me-nots already blooming......

 The Wisteria on the front porch is going to be amazing, there are about 150 big healthy blooms. Angell and I will be anxiously awaiting their arrival on the porch swing.
Have a wonderful day filled with sunshine and the anticipation of springs arrival.


  1. Oh, you have a wonderful time :) Lucky you!!! We have still a long time to wait the blooming of Forget-me-nots and others. But I know that under the snow Helleboruses are blooming already, only a few sunny days and the snow melts above them :) We must have wisteria in basement in wintwers, it doesn't manage over winter outside :(

  2. Hi Pat I have my fingers crossed that the doctors say all is 100 percent and you can run and play all you want.
    My garden is in shambles from the ice storm we had in Jan. It is so sad to look at and can't wait to get out there and make it wonderful again. Although we lost a lot of trees that I cherished, I will start again.

  3. Lovely photos of spring! I can hardly wait for some warmth so bring on the spring!

  4. My daughter keeps telling me to come home earlier this year (like I am in exile). I know I am going to miss a lot of the Spring flowers I enjoy but if I did come it would probably drop 30 degrees and snow.

    Hope all goes well at the Drs. on Monday. You have a long summer ahead so just take it easy and look after yourself. Another Mom telling you what to do.



  5. Oh Dear Pat ... I'm sooo jealous to see that spring is much more advanced there than here ... but it is beginning ... and I will wait just a bit longer to see the same ... especially Forsythia...I so love it in the spring!

    Hugs ... Marie

  6. Hi Pat,
    I just sent you an e-mail. Will you please check it out and reply? I have my doubts whether the internet postman delivers my e-mail to you.

  7. hi ya Pat,am praying you will get the ok from the Dr. to run and play and get your fingers dirty once more. Looking at your daffies reminds me mine are hiding their bodies for the next 3 months and then hopefully our warm weather will be back and will bring them up to show their happy faces to me ggggg. Have a wonderful summer friend
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

  8. Hi Pat, oh be well! I overdid last summer with my broken foot and ended up in "the shoe" for another 6 weeks. Take good care and enjoy your garden on foot. Tempting though, isn't it!
    I've had no time for CQ for ages. No time for crafting either and I miss it all. But have been blessed with work and inspiration combined so I'm going with the flow.
    Enjoy the early spring! Let's hope it will be a normal summer and not a hot one!
    XO Diane

  9. HI Pat
    How are you getting on? It will be so hard not to get out in the garden and be doing this and that. Your wisteria is on the verge of popping! I can't wait to see more images when it is in full colour!
    Will you be selling any of your Winter CQ Mags in your Etsy shop for your O/seas followers.
    Love and hugs,


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