Friday, February 24, 2012

Good morning! New beads to share!

 Good morning! I did nothing yesterday but sit with Angell. She had a vet appointment for an allergy shot which is usually in and out, pain free but unfortunately her mom didn't pay close enough attention to one dew claw that had curled and was working its way into her little foot. They had to dig it out and she cried..I would too. To top it off there was a substitute vet and he managed to make the shot hurt, then she had to have her yearly distemper on top of that. It was an awful time and the poor thing left with a bleeding toe and sore backside. I drove through Burger King and got her a plain hamburger(no bun) and she felt a tiny bit better. For the first time in months she slept through the night. I always hated when my son had to get shots, its the same for our fur babies. Anyway, she is done for a while and I will be watching that darn dew claw from now on.

So, not much sewing the past two days but I did want to share an online bead source with you. I'm always asked where I get my beads and I reply, "everywhere." I buy from quilt shows, craft/fabric shops, bead shops and online etsy shops, and trade with friends. I don't have one source because everyone carries such a different variety it would be foolish to stick to one source for any creative supply. Especially being a crazy quilter when you need a variety. A few days ago I was browsing etsy and saw some pretty peanut beads. Those are fairly new to me and was introduced to me by my bud Jilly. I love the shape and use them often so when I found teensy ones I just had to buy them. The shop is BeadsToWeave and this is what I found. These are so beautiful in person.

 For under the sea projects...long matte Tr green AB Magatama
Gold lined chartreuse Magatamas.....
 Purple rainbow peanut...yum!
Amethyst green gold luster still my heart...
 Matte Gray AB peanut..Delish! Couldn't you see these mixed with silk ribbon french knots for Hydrangeas?
There is nothing like fat free eye candy is there? I have no affiliation with this shop, I just like to share new sources when I am pleased with service and product. Shipping was super fast! They may cost a tad more than seed beads, but if you are building your bead stash crazy quilter's, try just one. I'm going to create today so I better get off here and start gathering. Have a good one!


  1. Good Morning! Poor Angell! Teddi's toes get those funky nails too, they seem to come out of no where!Thanks for posting about these ~ I have been looking for seed beads as the place I like, Beadworks, is carrying less seed beads. I am going to go to the site now. Have a wonderful day my dear Pat! Kisses to Angell <3

  2. Those beads are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Morning Pat, I am so pleased that Angell is now all better with her dew claw and that her shots are behind her (no pun intended) for another year. We ourselves have two dogs and a cat, all rescued. The cat moved in two years ago when he was literally at deaths door, five pounds in weight, bald, living wild and dying. He had been a domestic cat that someone left behind when they moved. Can you believe it! He is now nearly 14lbs, beautiful fur, loving and full of life.

    Hoping you have a wonderful weekend, Maureen.

  4. Give Angell a big HUG! Lovely eye candy today Pat.

  5. Oh poor little Ahgell hss been in the wars hasn't she, bless her.

    I am sure that she will soon forget all about the vet and be back to her happy little self.

    Those beads look like they have come straight out of a pirates treasure trove - stunning.

  6. I went and had a look...gorgeous beads:)

  7. It's hearty wrenching when our pets are in pain.Poor little Angell.I can just imagine running my fingers through basins of those scrummy beads!!Love those colours.
    I am loving blue more and more these days.

  8. Oh that makes my toes curl under, I wouldn't want anyone digging into my foot-that poor thing. I hope she is feeling better. And you too!!

  9. Oh poor Angell! My old cat Rosie had the same problem. She has to have all of her claws clipped every 6-8 weeks mostly, I don't enjoy it,as it freaks her out being held. So I take every opportunity to pick her up and hold her to try and get her used to being held.
    As for the beads...yum, yum! I love them all!
    Yes, I see what you mean about the beads for Hydrangea flowers, idea stored for future use LOL!

    Have a great week and give Angell a gentle hug from me.


    Sandie xx

  10. I've seen these beads Pat and I must get some!

    I do hope Angell is feeling better today. Poor little thing! When they hurt, we hurt!

    Hugs, Pam

  11. Thanks Pat for mentioning my "Beads To Weave" site on your blog. On my Birthday, Feb. 24th I received bunches of orders as a result. I've added you to my favorites hoping that you will receive some payback. Thank you so much. Tamara

  12. I'm behind in my blog reading again - so belated 'feel better' hug for Angell. Those are absolutely stunning beads btw.


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