Thursday, February 02, 2012

Crazy Quilts are quilts too show!

Crazy Quilts are quilts too is sponsored by Thearica at Pigtales and Quilts. I've joined in the party to help bring attention to the fact that Crazy Quilts are quilts too! Through my quilting journey I've seen quilters turn their nose up at crazy quilts and yet fully embrace "Art quilts" which truly makes no sense to me. Many crazy quilts are more time consuming and take many more sewing techniques to complete than Traditional quilts and just because they don't usually include a batting layer should not disqualify them from the quilt world. The past few years I have seen crazy quilts being accepted more and more in the "big" quilt shows and that is all we want. To keep the crazy quilters inspired to create beautiful pieces of art and share with the world. Now that the closet door has been opened and more people are peeking in at us, lets kick it open and share our crazy quilt work in full daylight.

 The past 11 years I have been dedicated  to bring new interest to crazy quilting. I'm not anyone special, I haven't taken lessons or studied art but I feel if you love something you will find a way to make it your own. I'm just a home maker in a small town who happened upon this CQ world and never looked back. I share my work and ideas freely and have since submitted my work to various magazines and have been published in them sharing CQ even more. I've entered contests and won, I teach in my home studio and love it, and this year I begin my online teaching journey. Although I've made three large crazy quilt projects, my heart and hands keep coming back to create accessories using crazy quilting. I stress to students to view others work through shows and books for inspiration but they should allow their muse to apply what makes their heart sing. Make it your own. This is such a beautiful art I think we should carry it with us in the form of jewelry,purses,clothing, etc. These are a few of my CQ projects.
Wall hanging
 Center of another wall hanging
 water bottle bag
 Lavender stuffed heart 
 Night light shades
Bohemian Gatherings Bag flap
 Christmas stockings for family
 Water bottle bag
 Eyeglass/accessory case
 BOHO bag flap
 Swing purse center
 BOHO bag flap
Our main objective is to just say
We just want to bring awareness to the fact that Crazy Quilts ARE Quilts Too, and they have their own respectful place in the quilting world alongside all of the traditional, art, and modern quilts!! We want our voice heard, so judges listen up... Make room for our quilts in your quilt shows please!

Want to join us! Go here!


  1. As above. Pat there's a lot of false snobbery in the sewing world. We cloth doll makers face it too ie. cloth dolls versus porcelane dolls. I've always admired Crazy Quilting for its richness, the artful stitchery, the skill, the embellishing, THE TIME required to make something C.Q.We all need to slow down a bit, and the stitching on CQ is a wonderful connection to the women of the past, and their unique designs...Gosh I think you get the picture.Good on Thearica for sponsoring CQ.

  2. Way to go, Pat! It is great to hear the rumble of that big door coming down and crazy quilts being allowed in!

  3. Now, I must caution you....please don't go kicking too hard on those doors until your knee heals!!

  4. I wish a copy of this could be sent to every guild. I've decided not to enter any more quilt shows until my crazy quilt has a decent category to be entered into and is not competing against: digital quilts, art quilts, and "any other type."

  5. Your blog is on my morning reading list. I learn so much from you and others and I really appreciate your generosity in sharing you cqing.

  6. I love your blog and the photos of all thise wonderful things. I have bought a copy of the last magazine and am trying to do some crazy quilting.
    Would like to follow your blog but am not sure what I have to do.But will keep trying

  7. So nice to find a moment to come look at your beautiful work again. I was just referring a newbie to you, and realized it's been months since I went blog hopping.

  8. Love looking at your beautiful work. Linda in NM

  9. Such beuatiful work! So glad I found you. :)

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  11. Your work is just so beautiful and full of detail. Stunning!!!

  12. Hi Pat
    I really have been thinking of you and hoping that your knee is slowly coming good! Congratulations for being featured in Cindy's new book! She is a truly amazing woman and I am so glad to have met her. She has featured me in her new Link Party this week - how sweet is that?
    I loved seeing all of your beautiful CQ works above especially that hot water bottle - far too beautiful to be hidden under the bed clothes - it should be hanging above the bed!
    Looking foreward to the new CQ mag edition.
    Would you like yet another collage or little book to be included in it if you are looking for a few more images???
    x Suzy

  13. Stunning each and every piece!


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