Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taking some down time

I am so touched that you noticed I wasn't around lately and missed me enough to jot off an email. I missed you too.Thank you, I am sorry I abandoned my blog, I have been dealing with a medical issue and many doctor visits. It seems  the MRI shows a 2cm dead bone on the left side of my knee and I will be having surgery on Monday...yes, I'm a bit scared since my last and only surgery was a C-section 26 yrs ago.
 However I'm told if I don't have it drilled to hopefully rejuvenate the bone, I will have to have full knee replacement and I would rather try the drilling first, which was recommended as well.
 So, as you can imagine my mind has been whirling wondering how this happened, when and why did it start, why didn't it hurt until two months many questions but my mind isn't ready to take it all in just yet. All I hear from the doctors mouth is blah blah blah. I know everything will be just fine, I just don't want to do this,LOL. I am trying to piece some projects so I can embellish and Jilly is lending me some great magazines and Ellen Eddy is dropping off her exciting new book (I will review it for you but know it is fantastic) and I bought a few extra pair of PJ's because that is what I will be living in for a while.
 I just returned home from yet another doctor appointment  this morning to confirm I am on the right dosage of BP meds and I am, so that is a ray of sunshine on this snowy day. A few more sunshine rays came in the form of online friends when I sat down to catch up on my blog I hopped a bit first and found that Bear from Bears Embroidery Den, has made a BOHO bag and it is gorgeous!!!!! I knew I would be blamed for not wanting to stop at one but you were pre warned,LOL.
Then I saw that Pat from My Tattered Elegance  made a CQ clutch which is gorgeous too and she is making a Boho bag. When I read about you using the magazine as a tool I am so honored, touched, pleased, excited, and I love it!!! I love discovering this as I blog hop, I guess I will continue providing it,LOL.
 That was as far as I got, but will continue blog hopping later today. I'm going to try to get something done around here so I will have some eye candy for you soon! I will check in again before Monday because I don't know how I will feel after that. I'm thinking positive thoughts though and I'm a fast healer :-)  Have a wonderful day and thanks for checking in :-)

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  1. Thinking of you my friend. My sister suffers from severe knee problems and I've seen her grimace in pain. I pray for a good outcome for you!

    Surround yourself with what you love while you heal up! Blessings on your surgery~


  2. Sorry to read all of this. Scary I know. My DH has had 2 hip replacements, 1 knee, is facing another knee, and 2 shoulders---from injury on the fire dept., so I do understand what you are experiencing. Will think of you Monday and be glad when it is overwith.
    Darlene Kliewer

  3. I have never heard of dead bone before. I hope the less invasive proceedure you will have on Monday is successful. Just think how creative you will be after you have a chance to rest and recouperate.
    Will be praying for you.

  4. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Pat! I am so glad this is happening in the wintertime, before gsrdening season. You'll be back in your flowers in no time...Sending hugs, Allie

  5. Dear Pat..
    I was surprised to hear about your problem. I knew you were having a time with your leg . Never heard of this condition before. I am hoping and praying this procedure will be the answer and you will be back to your usual lovely beautiful self inside and out that you are....
    Take care and all will work out... I will talk to the man upstairs... he knows me ...
    Big Hugs

  6. I am sorry to hear you need surgery-I hope it goes well and that you don't need a knee replacement. I'm putting mine off as long as possible-LOL. I will be praying for your speedy recovery. Take care!!! Hugs Leslie K

  7. Sending positive thoughts your way. Hope all goes well and your knee is good as new in no time!

  8. Oh Pat, you are in my thoughts!!! Big hugs! Pam

  9. Vicki Staton4:47 PM CST

    Praying for you sister,and a speedy recovery! Love you,Vicki Staton

  10. Good luck with your knee surgery!!

  11. I guessed you would be in need of 'down time' from your blog after the scan.
    I hope the drilling does the trick for your knee.
    believe it, your blog and work inspires thousands of people to pick up the needle and thread! We love you Pat!

    Thanks for all of your inspiration and don't let it stop you carrying on inspiring!


    Sandie xx

  12. Good luck. I know it will be fine, but it's still scary. The doctors do wonderful things now. Your stitchery will keep you sane.

  13. Sending you warm, healing thoughts and best wishes this procedure does the trick. I'm seeing my surgeon next week, hoping to get on list for my new knee. Hugs,

  14. Sending prayers your way. Your work is beautiful and very inspiring. God bless.

  15. I am sorry to read this bad news, but I am on that the operation is very well going to take place!
    Good luck dear Pat!!!


  16. Pat, I hope everything goes well on Monday, and I will be thinking of you. Let us know how it is going!


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