Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little more stitching and self discovery

I stitched a bit yesterday and again, thoughts of spring inspired this piece....perhaps because I'm trapped indoors???
 I've never liked to be "mothered" when I had an injury or illness and  always thought I wanted to be left alone if I ever had any kind of accident where I would have to stay home for a long period of time but I now know having friends visit is the best medicine.

Ellen's visit last week and Laney's visit on Sunday then Jilly's visit on Tuesday and all the phone calls,emails, blog comments and treats in the mail have made me realize you do need a little help from your friends. Although I have been living in jammies (not the same ones) for almost two weeks now, I have happily sat, listened and laughed through each visit and didn't want the time to end.

These women have each gone through similar down time and know how important it is to drop by just to say hi and exchange some news. Now I believe I too will be one of these women who make a visit to a friend who's life has been altered, even temporarily. All this time just because I thought I wanted to be left alone, I assumed others did too. Funny what you learn as time passes. Thank you my friends.
Even when  I finally got to get online, your comments were like little visits too, you stopped by and took some time to send well wishes that made me smile. I appreciate each of you and I think I have a new appreciation for being "Mothered."
Now enough about that, I'm doing great. Mom and my brother are stopping by this afternoon so I better get cleaned up and stitch  a little before their arrival. Angell is doing fine and not missing a meal, LOL. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Goodmorning Pat,
    Glad you are keeping up with your lovely work .Being in Jammies isn't altering that at all.
    I know what you mean about friends.. We all need them. It's good to get and good to give.
    Have a wonderful day and healing hugs to you.
    I am relieved that I am doing fine now and no pain... Yeah!

  2. Bless you Pat!
    You deserve some 'mothering', you give so much pleasure to so many people (I feel blessed to be one of them!), why not have some 'down' time?
    Although having said that, you seem to be as busy as ever!
    Love the Spring inspired stitchery! Especially the wild roses but, then I would, I love roses too!

    You take care and take all the mothering you need to get fit and well again and there's no better 'therapy' than stitching!


    Sandie xx

  3. It is funny the things we learn about ourselves the older we get. Once you experience something you feel a whole new way about that situation. It is good that you are taking away from this an appreciation for friends and visiting.

  4. Pat, you deserve some "down time" to heal and re-charge. Enjoy the visits, the stitching time, snuggle time with Angell, and all the "mothering" you can get! Sending yuo best wishes for a speedy recovery from cold eastern Canada. January is almost gone...spring will be here before we know it...yippeeee!

  5. It sounds as though your spirits are high, and that's good. Glad you're having little visits to get you through the down time. Hugs

  6. I am happy to read you are doing so well.
    Before you know it, it is spring and you will be
    working in your garden again.

  7. Glad you are doing better Pat, and happy to hear that friends are stopping by to visit to keep your spirits high. Friends are the best medicine next to laughter, so I'm sure you get both when friends visit. Spring will be here before we know and isn't it wonderful that we can have it early just by picking up some fabric, needles and some beautiful threads. Keep improving, we all care.
    Hugs, Pat


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