Monday, January 23, 2012

Just sharing my Orts and an easy project for scrap bits.

 Last month I saw a few jars of Orts throughout the blogs and was excited to find I was not insane for saving my Orts. (Old Raggedy or in my case "Raggety" Thread) I've saved my thread, silk ribbon and lace bits in one jar which are the small hard to use pieces left over from my stitching projects and I saved my fabric bits in a bin for years. My Ort jar is right by my sewing machine on the work table for convenient stash and dash moments. When they fill up I make fabric with them. How do I do that you ask? Well, let me share my method with you.

You will need your Orts, sewing machine with drop feed, various metallic or fun threads, sheer silk organza or any sheer you can see through in white or cream. If you want an overall color you can use a colored sheer as well.

I take my fabric bits and cut them using a rotary cutter. I lay them on a cutting mat and just go in every direction until I have a fabric salad. If I don't have enough "glam" I add a bit of lame', ironed Angelina fibers chopped to pieces. For more romance add bits of vintage lace scattered about.

Next you lay down a piece of organza or sheer the size of fabric you desire. Sprinkle the fabric salad filling the area then sprinkle your ORTs on top. Since I use a lot of Kreink metallic threads, my mixture has a nice sparkle every time.

Next cover this salad mixture with another layer of sheer. Pin every 2 inches to keep goodies between the sheers.

Begin free motion stitching from the center spiraling outward to baste everything down. Change threads often for more pizazz and interest. Just go crazy with your stitching until you have secured all the salad.

If you feel adventurous or plain crazy (like moi) sew on some seed beads, sequins, add an image, doily,charms, found items, etc.
 Now use your newly created fabric for projects such as this purse. It is also nice for jewelry, bookmarks, box covers, fabric books, etc.

 Learn more about ORTs here. Gotta go elevate my leg, see you soon!


  1. I love this idea! I am so glad that you felt well enough to post. I hope you continue rest and rejuvenate!

  2. OK, now that I've picked my jaw up off the keyboard, I can type! I had never heard of an ORT, but guarantee I'll have one now!! I never would have thought to do anything like this! Your purses are so beautiful! Thanks for taking time from your leg resting to share this with us Pat! Now take care of yourself, OK?

  3. I've been saving mine for a filmy scarf, but I've used my orts for filling and a bit of sparkle behind organza on fabric postcards and ATC's.
    Your purse is gorgeous!

  4. What a great idea-thanks for sharing. I'll have to stop throwing away my scraps-never would have thought of this--keep the leg up-Leslie k

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful - lost for words for once!

  6. Pat, that purse has always been one of my absolute favorites! I love the little girl with the seashell!

    I used to save my threads and ribbons for the birds in the Spring. I would chop them up teeny tiny and sprinkle them around my garden for their nests. Don't know why I quit doing that.

    Anyway, I just emptied out one of my old mason jars. I think I found a new purpose for it! I love the tag you have on yours. Will have to do something like that when I have the other computer (with printer) on.

    Hope you're doing well and feeling better!

    Love & hugs,


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