Friday, January 06, 2012

Beautiful day!

What a beautiful weather day in December. Sunny and almost 50 degrees. I really wish I could be strolling the beach right now. Our trip to St. Joe was very pleasant. We drive up Red Arrow instead of I94 to enjoy the small towns speckled along that route. We arrived at DS's apartment around 10:00 and I unloaded the goods, chatted a bit and mom got to meet Megan. The place was fixed up so cozy I could have sat and chatted for hours.

I stopped to snap a picture of three black squirrels living in the tree by the creek and they all ran into the hole except this one. Can you spot him on the left side of the center tree?

The other two were jet black. Very neat to see. When I turned to mom I burst out  laughing because  neither of us knew mom's boots weren't zipped up since we left home. As you can see, mom is doing very well these days. Even I can't believe she is 81, especially since I'm the one who limps now LOL.
 Next we ventured on to our favorite brick paved area of town and parked in front of Kilwin's. As mom was getting out of the car she spotted several nails on the pavement and I picked them up but saw many more stuck inside the cracks of the bricks. We reported it to the Kilwin's manager and she came out and swept up what she could. She said they were doing construction earlier in the week and the guys must have lost them. I'm thinking why on earth wouldn't they clean up nails in a parking area???? I kept my fingers crossed that I hadn't parked on one because some were point up in the cracks. Yikes! Anyway, the young gal behind the counter was so sweet and what a great smile ....
 Just look at those waffle cones ready for some creamy goodness.
I think mom was trying to bribe Santa for more treats.
 I drove down by Silver beach...............had to snap this picture because it reminded me of the day I walked down to the lighthouse with my friend Leslie H after enjoying a fun hop about town popping into the unique shops and having a great lunch.
 Then we drove past the carousel which I'm going to ride with my other friend Leslie K next Spring. It was open but with my knee, I thought I'd wait for a better time and with Leslie.
 We circled around the edge of town and up the hill to drive along the park area to see this gorgeous fountain. Lights were being taken down around town and there were cute snow-people on the corners. Naturally I didn't get one photo of them..phooey!
 I slowly coasted along toward home viewing some pretty places. Love the green paint on this one and the detail of course. The turret would be such a cozy reading and dreaming escape wouldn't it?

 The wreaths on the porch of this white home suggested they may have had a warm family Christmas.
 Our last house is my favorite home in St. Joe. I've shared photos of this home a few times during the years and even with the privet hedges without its leaves, I  think it is so inviting. The back yard is a slow tapering hill to the beach.
I just can't pass it without my heart skipping a beat.
Wouldn't it be crazy if DS ended up buying it and I could actually sit on the porch and drink tea while babysitting? Alright, I'm dreaming too much, back down to would be pretty neat though ;-)
Well, that was a little bit of our day. We are looking forward to more impromptu trips as weather permits.
I hope you enjoyed your day too. The weekend is here and I'm going to rest my knee. I learn the MRI results on Monday...I'll try to be good till then.


  1. Vicki Staton4:56 PM CST

    Awe it has ben many years since I've been to that lighthouse. Hasn't changed a bit. Always enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. What a fun day! Isn't it an amazingly beautiful day? It's in the 50's in Mi in Jan. Love it. Hope it stays this way awhile. We will ride the carousel in Spring-I want to go so bad. I hope your knee isn't too bad. It's funny how 1 joint can make you an invalid-LOL. I know-I have bad knees. Leslie K

  3. What a beautiful day Pat, your Mom looks great! I had an awesome day too, went to see Tish!! She showed me the tissue cover, it's even more beautiful in person. Oh yeah, I saw the underside. Nanur!

  4. Your mother looks fantastic. "What a looker"! Thanks for sharing your day. I hope you get your wish about that gorgeous house.

  5. what a great way to spend a January day,usually this time of the year is so cold and dark,good luck with the mri

  6. Love the house too!
    Mom's looking good too!

    Hope the MRI scan isn't too bad, fingers crossed.


    Sandie xx


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