Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another sunny day!

Yesterday started out rough but then my bud Dawn phoned to invite me to a movie. I couldn't go out and about yet so she came to visit. We met in the studio and planned projects and gabbed up a storm. She brought us a Fugi apple and it tasted like heaven. It was a mild and sunny day and if I could have, we would have been at the beach. I really miss the beach these days but I plan to make up for that in a couple of months. Thanks for visiting Dawn :-) You turned my day right side up.

I wanted to share a beautiful tag from my friend Terri. A lot of thought went into this pretty purple pleasantry.
 Terri slipped in some 100 year old pages to play with. I'm thinking more feathers!!!!! For those of you who asked about the feathers, I found the tutorial here.

Last evening I gathered the unfinished items I had been working on and slid down the stairs to finish them off. Mission accomplished!
 Well, almost, I just need to add straps. I will be teaching the purple and green CQ swing bag for the first Artful Gathering Summer class. It measures 7" by 9", a nice size for a beginner to work with and a fun accessory to keep or give as well. You will also learn my super easy method of construction. It will be a fun class and so will my second 6 week class which will be making a CQ eyeglass/accessory caase. For anyone interested go here to check out the variety of class offerings. Please read the FAQ's for all details.
I am among such a talented group I still can't believe it. I would be even more nervous but I just try not to think about it,LOL.
If you haven't already, join in the blog hop for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate from jerrys Artarama and two runner up prizes of $25 gift certificates. Each Sunday there will be a new blog to hop over to and collect a secret word. Read more at the blog hop. (see my previous posts)

I'm off to work on straps and I'll be putting the blue water bottle holder and purple purse on etsy this weekend. The pink one is a gift for a very special gal. Enjoy your day!


  1. Pat--it looks like you are feeling better. Glad to hear it. I know how you feel with being stuck in, I was not allowed out after my foot operation for 6 mths!! Talk about cabin fever, good thing I had my sewing and other crafts. I like your new header, lots to look at. Take care and hope you get your legs back soon!! Susann

  2. Oh wow, I'm glad you had a fun day yesterday! and your creations are exquisite and what a beautiful tag from your friend!!! xo Cindy

  3. Love your new header. All that CQ makes for the best header I'v seen. Glad you had a good day with your friend. Take care and get well soon!
    Hugs, Pat

  4. Love your new header! Beautiful new bags and your awesome as ever. Hugs, Pearl

  5. Hope your feeling better everyday! We are getting temps in the 50's in Ct this week and the maple syrup is running almost a month early this year...we'll be digging in our gardens before we know it!!! Beautiful little bags Pat and I'm glad you like your tag <3
    Have a beautiful day!


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