Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winner of little giftie and lots going on around here!

  Day #12 of the giftie/ornie exchange was from Terry Pitzel. Terry made us a pretty bird to fly about the tree and then mine will be flying in my studio. It is cheerful and will hang above me with the dragonflies and other birds I enjoy overhead. Thank you Terry!!!
 Alright, Day #13 was my giftie. I must admit I started off making something crazy quilted until I realized I didn't have time to make 13. I had all the best intentions but there just wasn't any way this task was possible. Sometimes I overshoot an idea....a think big or go home, kind of gal.
I have always loved the image of the Victorian ice skate so I decided to work with that. I printed 13 small images and stitched 4mm silk ribbon roses, three petite black beads for buttons, a pink vintage forget-me-not and stuffed it like a pillow with fragrant dried lavender buds then edged it with a vintage lace that reminded me of snowflakes which my sweet friend Leslie of MI gave me then stitched on a metal snowflake which used to be my trademark (Winter/snowflake) and put a pin on back.

 I wanted to something associated with what I do so silk ribbon embroidery was the only way to accomplish this. I hope they weren't a disappointment. I am going to take a photo of my little tree with all the new goodies on it this evening. Thank you all for allowing me to feel like a kid opening fun gifts and not one pack of socks or underwear in the bunch! I'm sorry I got a late start but I must say it was kind of fun getting to open a few of them at once :-)

I chose to offer my lavender filled brooch to one of my blogger friends the other day and I gathered the names and let DH draw one. The name was...........SUSIE W!!!! Susie's favorite song is "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus." Congratulations Susie!!!  I actually know Susie, and had the pleasure of meeting her in California earlier this year. By the way, White Christmas came in first place and it is my all time favorite song with Silent night coming in second. It was my dad's favorite and we would listen to the LP and drink eggnog every year as I examined the white album cover with Bing Crosby wearing a Santa hat with a holly sprig on it. I also love John Lennon singing ,"So this is Christmas" because it seems to wrap up the year. Although I could cry each time I hear it???? I thank you all for playing and I will be having another drawing for New Year...just not sure of the giftie yet! Susie, please send your address and I'll mail your brooch tomorrow, thanks!

 Along with Christmas there are several other important events taking place around the Winter home. I always forget about what all will transpire before Christmas actually arrives. I think this is a survival mode kicking in,LOL. Starting with yesterday, the 17th of Dec, this beautiful woman....

.......turned into this 81 yr old beautiful woman! 

 Last year she went through a horrible time with health issues as many of you have read on my blog. There were touch and go moments I didn't share during those months and honestly I thought she would not get to celebrate this birthday. She is doing well now and we had a nice tea together yesterday. When my leg gets better we will be spending a day out to lunch and a movie.

I bought this little tatted wreath brooch from an etsy shop and pinned it on her package bow.
 She loves brooches for her coats and I love tatting so it was a good choice. When she saw the pin she immediately removed it and pinned it onto her coat. She forgot all about the package it was pinned to,LOL. Thank you Linda Price for offering these lovely tatted things and for such fast shipping!

Today Angell has a birthday, she asked me not to tell her age (almost 100 in human years) but she sure doesn't look it does she? She is feeling her age these days with arthritis and allergies. Thank goodness they have meds to control her pain. Some days she will run through the house and others she hobbles like me lately,LOL.

 Tomorrow is our Anniversary. We will be staying home because of my leg. Almost 4 weeks ago I woke up to a sore knee and couldn't put weight on my leg. I didn't fall or bump it so I have no idea where this is coming from. I saw the doctor two weeks ago and I was supposed to go back last week but it was feeling a little better so I put it off. Not smart. I'm hoping to get in this week and get an ultra sound. I know it isn't the bone so it must be a torn ligament or something internal behind the knee. Whatever it is, it is irritating when I have so much running to do and can't. I tried to shop Thursday and walked into Carson's and forced myself to make a few purchases before leaving for home. This time of year is not the time for injuries or illness.

The carpet for my son's old room arrived early and is installed. Whew! DH set up my exercise bike to face the window and my iPod is laying on the seat waiting for me. Tuesday the furniture is supposed to be delivered. If it wasn't Christmas time I would be searching elsewhere until I found something closer to what I really want. I bought the Cindy Crawford set which I am happy with. I will add a few colorful pillows (CQ) to add some of my style.
However I would love something more like this Carol Bolton sofa. I know you will agree. It is more "cottage-like" and fun. The light green in this sofa is in the stripes in the above sofa but you can't see it in the photos.
 It isn't easy decorating to accommodate both male and female. DH would live with anything and be happy however I feel better considering his gender and trying to keep the tone somewhat masculine in the living room. I could never decorate all white or cream and fluff  or pink and frou frou although my heart screams YES.....DO IT! When we first moved into this old hose I transformed the front room into a Victorian parlor with comfort in mind however the guys wouldn't step foot in it. They never said a word, but it was a lonely room in which only I visited to read or sew or entertain friends of mine. I don't want to live like that, I want common ground throughout my home after all, marriage is give and take right? I am fine with that and like I always said, if you had everything you wanted, what would you have left to wish and dream about? I'm just fortunate DH likes to keep things current and initiates change from time to time.

With Christmas being a week away, I might not blog much this week. I have another project that must get done and a bit of decorating if possible. I'm not used to sitting with my leg up, perhaps this is why I'm not healing? I have never been a good patient.
I hope you are having a good day and keep enjoying those Christmas songs!


  1. Congratulations and happy birthday wishes to your mom. I always enjoy your posts about the two of you.
    I hope the leg is better soon!!!

  2. Glad to hear your Mum had a lovely birthday tea and that she is going so well these days! So much thanks to you Pat - I'm sure!
    Rest with the leg up a bit longer - often these injuries heal quicker!
    Congrats to Susie for the little win!
    Have a lovely Christmas and a good break!
    Big hugs,

  3. Your Mom is beautiful Pat, what a looker!
    The sofas are beautiful and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and please take it easy for now with that knee until you find out what is wrong with it. Have fun! Dr.Pearl

  4. Anonymous10:12 PM CST

    Wow Pat, I was just dropping by to read the blog and what do I find?? I won! First time for me and what a wonderful gift. Thank you so much!!
    PS Happy Birthday to Mom and Angell too!

  5. Lovely post. Lucky winner! I hope your leg gets better soon!

  6. Your mom is just as beautiful now as she was then, if not more so!! she and my daughter share a birthday!!!
    I do hope that your leg gets better soon hobbling over the holidays is the pits!! Line up a bunch of fun projects for the New Year and rest for a week or so!!
    thinking of you!!!! Hugs!

  7. Happy Birthday to your lovely mama and little Angell! I hope they get extra gifts to make up for having birthdays so close to Christmas. And good luck with your leg -- been there, hated it!

  8. Pat, I'm very happy to hear that your mom is doing so well! And Angell is almost 100 (in human years)? She looks great for her age!

    I hope your leg pain is something simple and that you're feeling better very soon.

    Love & hugs and Happy Christmas!


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