Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rebecca Ersfeld's home in Romantic Country Living...A---Mazing!

 Yesterday after my appointment I stopped and browsed the magazines hoping to find something I could curl up with and dream...Mission accomplished when I walked up as the gal was putting out the new issues. I immediately grabbed Romantic Country Living and Romantic Homes.

I rarely thumb through these two publications because they are always pleasing to browse and rarely disappoint. I decided to only choose one to linger in the bubble bath with and I got quite a surprise! Before the first turn of the pretty cover page I was ready to be taken away to beautiful homes across America and make new discoveries that I might "borrow" for my own home. I made it to page 60 and viewed a dining room that had "Pat Winter" written all over it although it wasn't actually mine.
 It was so peaceful, comfortable and had the mismatch beauty that I love.  From the patterned rug beneath to the arched windows, I was lost within this home.
 I continued on to see quaint vignettes and and bedrooms that would comfort any weary bones. It wasn't until I turned to page 67 that I recognized the little attic room belonging to Rebecca Ersfeld of IL. I had seen it progress on her blog and was itching to be a fly on the window.

As I soaked in the cooling lavender scented bubble bath I knew I was losing all the oil in my skin as I sat reviewing every detail within the 8 pages of the article. It was worth being wrinkled, nothing that an extra dollop of lotion wouldn't take care of right? Yep! Rebecca certainly has a home that I could move right into without changing one thing. If you don't know Rebecca you should check out her blog and visit it often.
I had the privileged to meet Rebecca when she had her shop in IL and she is as genuine and sweet as the day is long. I still cherish a fabric posy pin she had gifted me with upon my departure. Her shop was amazing and her home reflects that. Her talent to bring a room, a shop, a home together to make you feel like you have been personally invited to visit is beyond any I have seen. I've viewed many home decorating publications in my life and this 8 page display really revved up my decorating muse. Rebecca, you left me with my mouth hanging open, my eyes teary from such a beautifully decorated home with family in mind,my mind racing with possibilities for my own home, and my heart pounding with excitement to borrow a few ideas from you. Thank you so much for sharing your world and thank you Romantic Country Homes for seeking her out. LOVE this issue!


  1. Thank you for the heads up about the magazine Pat! I haven't checked this one out yet and can't wait to now. Your description has me sold - I could feel my blood pressure lowering as I walked into the photos of these beautiful rooms!

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM CST

    Pat..I will have to look for this issue as well... I loved reading her blog this holiday was so beautiful with so many pictures..Helped me get into the Christmas spirit and decorating mode.(sometimes I need a little nudge!)If you have not checked out the blog lately..go take a little peek ;) so beautful. Thankyou for sharing this info. Hope you are enjoying your little decorating project too ;)
    Have a great day, Shannon

  3. Oh my, I just picked up that issue this afternoon and have not had time to open it, I love Rebecca's style, her home is phenomenal! Thank you for the heads up, I will pour over this issue.

    Your work is so amazing, love all that you create.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. You are just too much... I don't know what to say! except thank you so much, I feel so honored and if I have inspired in some small way I am thankful.
    Blessings to you this wonderful New Year that has been gifted us.
    PS the coffee pot is always on!

  5. I picked that magazine up several days ago-fabulous-When my kids move out-I want my house to look like that!! When my kids visit-I'm going to make them stand behind a velvet rope and talk to me-they will have to stay in the kitchen--LOL!!! Leslie K

  6. I'm a new follower, you got me with the gorgeous little heart in your latest post. But I was hooked when you spoke of Rebecca. She is so ... AMAZING!!! I've studied her blog over and over.
    I've not gotten the new magazine yet, but I certainly will.
    Can't wait to see your "Rebecca" inspired designs in 2012!


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