Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Christmas project

Well, the last project is pieced and I'm headed downstairs to embellish.
 I fought my muse to not add a lace overlay on a few fabrics. However I did use a few fabrics that had a lace like appearance, shhhh.
I used several patterned fabrics to add motion and texture instead since this is for my son. Instead of the traditional green and gold Christmas tones, I chose the Eddie Bauer muted earth tones  because that is all he wears so he must like them. I may add a smidgen of gold vintage lace I've saved for ages but that is all the lace that will adorn this stocking. It is almost impossible for me to crazy quilt without lace as I'm sure you can relate. I am really excited to be doing something in CQ for my son because it is not something most guys would expect to receive. I know he will be surprised and hopefully pleased  to get a CQ stocking with his girlfriend. I hope to get a picture when they open them if I remember. Alright, off I go. See you in a day or two.


  1. Wow you were super restrained- beautiful job and a great GUY CQ stocking!!!! I am going to do one for Becca as soon as Christmas is over!!! you have inspired me yet again!!!

  2. That is a beautiful stocking for your son!

  3. Oh my this is a beautiful stocking-I'm sure he'll love it. The colors are awesome. Leslie K


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