Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am still stitching for Christmas. I hope to finish two more projects that I wasn't sure I would get to in time. This one is for my son's girlfriend but I don't want to reveal it until it is finished.
 I have to run a few errands today and hopefully this afternoon I can continue stitching. It has been rainy here but it was pretty warm yesterday. I would be at the beach this morning if my darn leg wasn't acting up again. I have to save my hobbling for my errands. I hope you have your gifts finished and some extra time on your hands to relax. I'm asking Santa for another hour in the day :-)
I'm hoping the stores aren't crowded this morning...wish me luck.


  1. Could you please ask Santa for 2 extra hours, I need 1 too!
    The fibers and thread are beautiful!

  2. An extra hour in the day PLUS uncrowded stores, that's a pretty big order!! I hope your leg is feeling better soon. I love the posts about your beach walks!

  3. Have you hurt your leg Pat? Oh dear, I know how limiting that can be.Hope you get those errands done quickly, so you can rest up.

  4. I know what you mean about getting caught up on gifts. I don't think I'm going to make it! Hope your leg feels better soon Pat

  5. When you get to your stitching be sure to elevate your leg to help the blood flow and induce healing, even in a pulled muscle this really helps!! Also for pain, have you ever tried Arnicare?? It is a natural gel rub odorless and helps almost instantly- it is homeopathic and you can get it at a health food store and at some pharmacies if they carry homeopathic stuff!!! take care!!! Big healing hugs!

  6. Goodmorning Pat..
    Hope your leg feels better soon...Do you know what caused it? Sure cramps one's style but do rest with it elevated this aft when you are stitching...
    Sending healing hugs

  7. I'll probably still be stitching when I hear the jingling and hoof pounding on the roof.


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