Thursday, December 01, 2011

Everyone sitting down?

I was looking around my empty living room last night and a thought came to mind.....why don't I make a crazy quilt wall hanging when the new furniture arrives?  Yes, something for myself? Novel idea right? I own nothing crazy quilted for me other than purses and the purple CQ wall hanging,"Life Within A Garden" so I think it is time for me to decorate my home using my work. When I browse blogs and see people decorating with things they made it always feels right. I have never taken the time to do that before, not sure why. So I will settle in for the winter and create something large and CQ with lots of vintage lace for the wall (s). After that I may create a Bell Pull from My bud Terri Takacs idea in the second issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings for my dining room and maybe CQ my chandelier shades in creams and whites.
Then perhaps do a series of crazy quilt framed family photos for the hall.....Hmmmm, I think I'm on to something. I've always filled my home with found objects and gifts from friends but never considered creating things just for my home. I'm thinking I should do this before I lose the use of my hands or eyes don't you?  I had better stock up on teas, vanilla coffee and biscotti! I guess you will be seeing a lot of projects this winter coming from "Mrs. Winter."

I'm off to do some shopping with mom for my MIL when it warms up a bit. It is around 27 degrees right now, brrrrrrr! I hope your day has sunshine!


  1. What a brilliant idea. I am just the same with my arts and crafts - I give it all away, thinking that I can always make myself another and never do

    Your work will become wonderful heirlooms - so nice to have some for yourself - and what a fabulous showcase for your workshops too. Enloy the winter snuggled up on your new sofa - making gorgeos CQ items to match the colours

  2. Great idea! In my livingroom I have several cross stitch pieces and a crewel piece on the wall, a "normal" quilt on a table and an appliqué quilt to cover the TV, a crazy cat on the window-ledge, and some little items scattered all over the place. It makes me feel at home

  3. Awww, I was snatching pics from your blog for a post I was writing on my blog and saw my bell pull;)
    I say this to myself all the time, I am going to make a wall hanging to keep while doing the CQJP in 2012.When the rules said the squares don't have to be "square" it made me think of doing circles.I havent thought the whole thing out yet but it should be a cool challenge!(spelling??)

  4. I too am doing the CQJP challenge so that I can have something for myself. That's the plan anyway! I do have one memory quilt wall hanging of my grand daughters, everything else I've made has been gifts for others. But aren't we worth gifts to ourselves? After all, we're special too!! Have fun Pat!

  5. Enjoy your decorating 'quest' -- yes, so very cold last night + this a.m. I was happy for the sunshine.

  6. I know exactly where you are coming from. I used to make so many ( ordinary ) quilts and they were all given away as presents. And I don't have many other things that I have made either. Again, they usually end up as gifts. I think we should all have some of our own creations in our homes. I can just imagine what a crazy quilt made by you will look like, mind blowing, exquisite and out of this world. I love all the projects you have mentioned, can't wait to see you get started on them.

  7. You go girl!
    Don't forget the photos LOL!
    We always put ourselves last don't we?
    Love the little wall hanging, it's a good size for anyone starting out with CQ to do, don't you think?

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  8. Good for you! You do such stunning work, you SHOULD keep some to display in your own home!

  9. YOu go girl! I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I have such a hard time with Winter so the past few years, I've made myself a quilt each year. My project for this Winter is still sitting in the wings but I'll be starting on that soon. It's all ready to stitch on. It'll be a peacock quilt and I plan to hang it over the TV in my bedroom.

    Just can't wait to see more of your gorgeous stitching!


  10. I think that if you did not make many CQ for you it is due to the lack of time, but which delicious idea to make him now because he is never too late! He delays me discovering these new candies for eyes!

    Beautiful expensive day Pat
    Amitiés de France


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