Sunday, December 04, 2011

Bears game vs CQ!

DH is going to be on vacation until the first of the year so I must accept the fact that my Sundays will be spent stitching while he watches football...unless a friend rescues me that is. Anyway, today is dreary and wet so I sat in the dining room and stitched on this project.
 The image is from Sweet Inspirations and if you are looking for beautiful image kits, dyed laces, fabrics and handmade gifts with a vintage theme you might want to check out Shannon's etsy shop.
I'm off to assemble it and then soak my aching leg in Eucalyptus scented Epsom salts.
I hope you have sunshine wherever you are and if so, please send it my way!


  1. Pat, this is beautiful. I love the colors of the ribbon you chose. Have an enjoyable day. Gita

  2. What a pretty image! (no, not you soaking your leg LOL!)
    Hope the leg isn't aching any more?

    Have a great week,
    Happy stitching!

    Sandie xx

  3. SO very Beautiful! I was searching through your old posts last night looking for inspiration for the lampshade night lights I'm making for gifts~ I have to say I think they are one of your finest idea's.They would even be a great addition to the magazine sometime! It brought back so many memories too, stuff that was going on back then. It was 2009 but seems like forever ago!


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