Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All is calm...........

Yesterday part of the furniture arrived, the couch and ottoman.
 Miraculously the chair and a half arrived this morning.
 Not expecting it to arrive in time for Christmas, we put the tree up in front of the window so it is a bit crowded in the living room for now.
 I'm looking forward to rearranging the furniture when it comes down. I can't wait to take down those pictures. For now it is just comfy cozy like a little farmhouse should be for Christmas. I really love the furniture and can't wait to decorate around it. My friend Jan keeps getting me excited about the wall hanging I will be creating for the space above the couch. I already know what I'm doing and which fabrics I'm using and I claim not to be a planner??????
I snapped a few pics of the ornament exchange from the Creativechicks group which I had placed in the dining room especially for moi!
 I am so delighted by each creation. The paper garland fit the tree perfectly. My little Charlie Brown tree has never been happier as it displays all of the sweet additions. I am so happy Elizabeth asked me to join in and I hope to be asked again only I will be creating my gifts during the Summer so I can offer something CQed next time. There is just something so very special about hand made isn't there?
 DH spent the day shopping with his mom and I spent it happily cleaning and stitching. My son's stocking is ready to assemble so I had better get to it and finish wrapping the gifts. He will be home Friday...Yeah! I'm ready! Have a wonderful evening.


  1. Yes! That does look comfy and very cosy!
    Your tree is gorgeous too, (see my 'naff' tree on my blog!).

    I got my giveaway from Jan at Silvermoonbird today (yesterday now as I write), it is scrumptious! I'm over the moon and already made a pair of earrings using some of the beads in the this a new me emerging, actually making things instead of thinking about it? LOL!

    Have a wonderful Christmas time and relax!


    Sandie xx

  2. I love the ribbons on the tree...saw this on You Tube, was going to do this with ribbons this year, but....have a wonderful comfy, and happy Christmas Pat.

  3. I can just picture you sitting and stitching in that new "Chair and a half"

  4. It looks cozy to me! Enjoy your holidays Pat.

  5. Wishing you All the Joys of the Season!

  6. Anonymous12:34 PM CST

    What a warm and welcoming room. Love, love the furniture ... specially the "chair & half". It is just crying out for you to nestle in and stitch away. Enjoy the holiday and having your son home.

  7. Hi Patricia,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 , for you and family,
    many hugz....

  8. I love your furniture and glad you got it for Christmas. You decorations are beautiful. Merry Christmas--Leslie K

  9. The Charlie Brown tree looks so good with all the swap pieces on it. I am definitely doing that next year, a tree just for them. Enjoy the comfy furniture, enjoy the holiday. xox Corrine


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