Wednesday, December 14, 2011

13 Days of Christmas...very late but worth the wait!

 A few months ago my sweet friend Elizabeth invited me to join in a Christmas exchange. I haven't done one in ages so I kept forgetting I was participating. Now, I know it sounds rude to say I forgot I was a part of the swap, and in no way did I mean it wasn't important to me, it is just a terribly busy time of year and I don't do swaps so I somehow put it on the back burner. Well, I did get my gifts made and sent and the big box of return gifts arrived and I placed it in the dining room and when I put the little tree up in there (for myself) I placed the 13 gifts underneath. The day I placed them there I was tempted to open just one but I didn't and just arranged them nicely until everyone received their box of gifts. Needless to say, with the hustle and bustle around here, I forgot to open the gifts and as the group replies came in I was always reading them on my phone and I don't go to groups on my phone because I forgot the passwords. Long story short, I began opening my gifts under my little tree last night. This morning I took a picture of my beautiful heartfelt and handmade treasures to share.
Day 1 is from Barbara Burkard. A sweet snowman globe with a cup cuff around it. What a clever idea. Thank you Barbara.

The second day gift is from Mary Zimany. (why does her last name make me want to sing a Mary Poppins song?) Love it! Her gift is an image of adorable angels in a tin ornie with a cute muslin flower hanger. Thank you Mary, it will go in my studio after the tree or perhaps on a chunky chain with other goodies???????
 Day 3 is from our hostess Elizabeth Woodford. A cloth cone filled with candy canes!!! Love the vintage laces and buttons....and treats are always nice! Thanks Elizabeth!
 Day 4 is from Leslie Brier. This reminds me of my childhood Christmas decorations. How sweet this ornie is with the bottle-brush tree and tiny glass balls with tinsel. Thank you Leslie...brought back fond memories.
 Day 5 is from Patti Gramza. Another beautiful fabric cone with a candy cane, sticker gems and rubber stamp and....I will use the muslin for my CQ base! Thanks Patti!
 Day 6 is from Martha Brown. A pretty heart ornie with a special message. Thank you Martha!
 Day 7 is from Vivian Neroni. A cute snowman stick ornie. What a cheerful fella! Thank you Viv!
 Day 8 is from Corinne Gillman. Goodness! A fun garland that will fit my little tree. Pretty papers,fibers and buttons, thanks Corinne!
 Day 9 is from Hope Clinchot. A cute face brooch she hand painted to use year round. Thank you Hope, this will go on my jean jacket.
Day 10 is today.. I haven't opened my gift yet. I will do that as soon as I turn on the tree and make a cup of tea!
We have 13 days of gifts and I am #13 so I will blame being "that" number on my tardiness (gotta blame something even if I'm not superstitious) but I love my gifts so far and I apologize to the Creativechixchristmas group for being so late in "playing".


  1. My theory is....CELEBRATE EVERYDAY!!! This has been such a wonderful swap...going to be hard to not have a giftie to open!!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I was so late in getting a post up I linked to all of you and I forgot my passwords too. Good thing my ipad remembered! Looking forward to opening yours! xox Corrine

  3. No apologies necessary Dear girl!!! i am so glad that you have enjoyed it so far!!! I am eagerly anticipating #13~~~

  4. Ah Bless - you are funny. I am amazed you found time to commit to a big swap like this - and how wonderful to open a number of days in a row!!

    Lovely goodies and more surprises to come.

    Unlucky 13 - I don't thing so.

    Have fun xx

  5. How fun! Little treasures like these are what makes Christmas fun (at least in my books anyway!).

  6. Looks like fun-you got some really great suff.
    And presents just for you, even more fun Leslie K


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