Friday, November 04, 2011

Winter is closing in...........

The frost is on the pumpkin these days and old man Winter (not my DH) is wringing his hands anticipating his arrival I'm sure. Every fuzzy caterpillar I've seen has been solid black....not brown and black which they say means a hard winter. I'm stocked up with supplies and tea so I'm good!

I am finishing a few small projects before taking a break to work on online class planning. I am excited to be offering this tool for those who have inquired about CQ classes from me through the years.Yesterday I started assembling this clutch. I just need to finish adding a closure and it will be finished.

I've also been busy wrapping up the Dec issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings and should be ready for publishing before Dec. I hope you find it interesting. I have packed it full again but tried to offer larger photos. I see many magazines with one or two photos per page but working with only 40 pages doesn't leave me with that option. I am enjoying the journey though and hope you continue to enjoy  it as well. I am always open for suggestions or submissions.

This morning I took mom to the County Line Orchard and found it had closed for the season on Oct 30th. Phooey! I wanted a blueberry pie! It was disappointing but we went shopping and to lunch so the rainy day wasn't all washed up....:-)

Yesterday I had a pleasant little visit from my sweet friend Leslie TH from Michigan. She was looking beautiful as always and I was in my frumpy housewife attire, pj bottoms and an old sweater. I was half dressed because I was working on the magazine and Angell doesn't care what I wear,LOL. It was so nice to see her smiling face. I didn't get to meet up with her in St. Joe this year because the weather was so hot that I just didn't get out very much. Perhaps next year I can get a pic of us on the carousel.

Well, it is 3:10 am and Angell finally fell asleep, She had a rough evening and now I am going to try to get a few winks too....on the couch. Oh well, at least it is comfy! Sweet dreams!


  1. Hello Pat, I love the clutch bag, your colours are always so beautiful, I am not very good with colour, can I just ask you? on your pattern for the scissor keeper, when you have joined the front and the lining and the back and the lining you say to put the linings together and sew but I feel I want to put the right sides together so that you cannot see the seam, am I being a bit thick?

  2. Hi Pat,
    I woke up just as you were going to sleep today!
    Sweet Angell, keeping you company while you work!

    Love the clutch bag, especially the trim on the sloping edge, very delicate and pretty. It's the colours that drew me in first as always!

    Have a great weekend,wrap up warm!

    Sandie xx

  3. Oh Pat, I noticed the same thing with the little caterpillers. All black. I'm really not in the mood for another hard Winter. I always miss being able to sit on my deck. I guess I too should stock up on tea and chocolate. I probably have plenty of crazy quilt supplies (no doubt) but there's always room for more. I think I'll have DH take me to the antique mall this weekend!

    Love & hugs, Pam

  4. Lovely clutch, Pat! Amazing color choices, and that diagonal edge!

  5. Love the clutch bag. The colors are so quiet and pleasing. That trim on the edge, is that lace? Where did you buy it? Such kind of lace would be perfect for my pink quilt.

  6. Whenever I see those soft vintage colours I always think of you - and the clutch is absolutely perfect - so feminine - it looks as though it's straight out of a stately home. A true treasure.

    You are working so hard - and long - please don't wear yourself out.

  7. Beautiful clutch bag, once again with the most amazing details and embellishments. Greens and purples, how wonderful!

  8. Love your bag Pat, wonderful colours too.

  9. Oh that clutch bag is divine! I saw a catapillar at the end of summer that was neon yellow! Hmmm...I read in the farmers almanac that we will not have a hard winter. But Colorado is so unpredictable. Warmth,freezing cold,rain,fog! We get it all!

  10. Pat, that clutch bag is beautiful! I love the colors!

  11. Pat, your clutch bag is beautiful! And so happy to hear you're working toward online classes. Can't wait! Sign me up!
    xoxo, Karen


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