Monday, November 14, 2011

Whew what a weekend!

Feeling a little like an empty nester again this morning. Not as bad as when DS left for college, I was a basket case, but still, there is an empty feeling in my home. We have spent the weekend moving our son into an apartment 10 minutes from his work rather than 2 hours.We gave him our living room set so I will be shopping this week. I'm not looking forward to that. I hope to find something similar to what I had because that was the most comfy set I've ever owned. I know DS will enjoy his new place and it is in St. Joe not far from the Lake!!!! My favorite town!!! You know I am pleased about that and I didn't have any influence in his decision at all. Last night on the drive home I realized and couldn't believe I was in St. Joe twice this weekend and didn't get to visit Kilwins (fudge!)

 It will be so much easier for him and more time to enjoy life instead of driving the highway for two hours daily, especially with winter approaching and icy roads. I could never commit two hours a day to wasted time, I don't even like to spend time eating or sleeping,LOL. There is just too much to do and I think not only are boxes of ice cream and toilet paper rolls getting smaller, the hours in a day must be shortened somehow. I'm sure many of you agree. The days just aren't long enough to do what all you need and want to do. I've complained about time many times I know but really, where does the time go? I guess it could be worse, like sitting at home bored out of my mind. With crazy quilting, I'm happy to say that doesn't happen very often.

So, I have nothing new created to share with you because I found it impossible to stitch while packing things,LOL. If it were possible you know I would have done it.
 With the actual calender in hand, and positive feedback from those who ordered, I am excited about it and wanted to give one away to a reader so......if you comment on this post only telling me your favorite month (your favorite month in general, not favorite month of the calendar,) your name will be in the drawing which will be held this Friday the 18th of Nov. If your name doesn't link to a blog please leave me your email addy so I can reach you. Also I will be picking a new winner of a free issue of the Dec issue of Crazy Quilt Gathering if the chosen name (DONNA PRATHER) doesn't contact me by tomorrow. Good luck!

I am off to give the living room a good cleaning since it is bare at the moment. While moving things in and out yesterday we just left the doors open because it was 70 degrees. however it was also very windy and I have quite a few leaves on my kitchen and hall floor to clean up. So, chore time! Have a great day!


  1. Been there Miss Pat. When my son and daughter first left I thought I would die. It was so hard to wrap my brain around the QUIET in our home. It had been crammed with our kids and all their friends for years and then one day it was empty. I still hate it!

    Love the are so giving! You are so gifted and talented. My favorite month has always been November. I'm sure it has something to do with pumpkin days and the gathering together of family. Always a sweet memory.

    Have a wonderful day~

    Love to you, Rebecca

  2. Hi Pat. You are right about time. I know for a fact some people get more of it than me~lol. I would love to win one of your calendars! My favorite month is probably June because of the flowers beginning to bloom and vacations being planned. Hope your week goes well. Connie

  3. Oh I can so relate to the first time a son leaves home. The house is in a mess as you give them all sorts for their rented home - they visit for food and basics supplies - and yes often loo rolls and toothpast top the list.

    Isn't it exciting that you get to choose new furniture though. Don't for get to show and tell.

    My favourite month - December, being all snuggled indoors, like a little squirrel, feeding on food grown, cooked and stored in freezers and cupboards. We have four birthdays in December including mine, and then there is of course Christmas to look forward too -all the cards to send, gifts to make, and buy, the smell of pine, Christmas cooking, snow! I love nothing better than to snuggle up on the sofa, with soft music playing in the background, and reading a good book!

  4. Hi Pat
    Winning your calendar would be an incredible treat! I love the month of June. Sunshine, long days and my birthday, what could be better?

  5. I enjoyed the preview of the calendar! My favorite month is June, because it's the first month of summer.

  6. Congrats on moving your son to a beautiful place, one not too far away!
    I love April the best...because of Spring coming...and because it is my birthday moont!

  7. Hi Pat, thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful publications. My favorite month is January, A month of new beginnings and my birthday. Fewer obligations and more time to sew!

  8. Am happy for your son, a 2 hour drive is not fun, waste of time for sure...he will be so happy now with such a short drive.

    My favorite month would have to be March, of course my birthday is in March, however I think of the whales migrating on the West coast where I once lived; the turkey vultures and other birds start arriving here in NM then to; the weather gets to the point where we can once again sit outside; our walks are even more enjoyable because the leaves and buds on trees are all starting to show their lovely's.

    I agree keeping ones hands busy is a joy for me, can't seem to ever keep them still...just look at me writing this short note :-)

    Have a beautiful creative day!!

  9. Hi Pat, my favourite month is March, the daffodils are blooming, everywhere is a poppin, it's getting warmer it's the start of things growing profusely and makes me glad to be alive. I know how hard it is when the kids go off to Uni, I cried for a week when my son went I really felt as though I was in mourning.
    Love Jillx

  10. Hi Pat,The calendar is beautiful. I received mine in the mail already. But I would love another, I have two spots. My favourite month is January. My birth month, and I love curling up in the house stitching.

  11. Anonymous10:07 AM CST

    Hi Pat ... thanks for a chance to win your beautiful calendar! My favorite month would be in the fall ... say Oct. or Nov. The air takes on a crispness, it's just cool enough to need a light jacket (no more heat!!). It's before all the holiday rush, the perfect time of year ... pretty much right now.
    SusieW swolfe44 at verizon dot net

  12. Been an empty nester for quite a few years....have always saiId I'd given anything in the world the have one more day with my boys young again and driving my crazy. It is especially hard since one lives 3,000 miles away and the other over 6,000 .

    My favorite month is May as that is the time when New England comes alive with color and flowers.

    Congratulations on your beautiful calendar and thanks for giving us a chance at winning one.

  13. Anonymous10:23 AM CST

    Even though I've ordered a calendar, it would be fun to win one to give to a CQ friend.
    My favorite month is October -- that is when we get the fall colors in Missouri, the weather is perfect for having the windows open.

  14. My favorite month is September, the end of summer and the beginning of fall. I love fall. Let me know when you come to visit-I need someone to ride the carousel with me!! Leslie K

  15. My favorite month would be Fall, Oct./Nov. Time to bring out all the fall decorations, and of course Nov., my birth month. Love the cooler weather. I would love to win a calendar, everything you publish is so wonderful.

  16. I will never forget the day my son left home to start University, he was so excited ................
    I cried all the way home!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My favourite month is May, when all the gardens are fresh with the promise of spring.
    Hugs, Angela.

  17. Anonymous10:50 AM CST

    Oh Pat, I can relate with your son moving out, I went through it 3 times but it was especially hard when the last one went..But they all went on to start lives of their own. My favorite month is December. The white lights twinkling, the candles burning, the Christmas movies and music and the gathering of family, and the peaceful feeling of Christmas..I certainly would love to have one of your calenders...Debbie (Maine)

  18. Hi Pat, I'd love to win your calendar... Every month is special but I guess my favourite would be May, for the blooming of spring flowers and the return of green after a long winter...

  19. the calender is beautiful would love to have one i love spring so its may for me brenda

  20. I am feeling a bit lost as well just with son at college and daughter staying till 5 pm at school every day because of drama!!! just wait till she is off to college- what a mess!!!
    I am still anxiously awaiting my BoHo bag book and I love the calendar!! my fav month is May and my birthday has nothing to do with it. may is when all of my favorite flowers bloom and the garden really wakes up- lilacs and pansies, lily of the valley - can't wait!!!!

  21. It really is a strange feeling when the children leave home, I am two down and one to go, not entirely sure I would handle the last one leaving too well.
    May is my favourite month, I think, May at the cottage in France, because Spring is in full swing and the False Acacias are in full bloom looking just stunning, and everthing is budding and looking fresh and beautiful.

  22. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for a chance to win your beautiful calendar.
    I like the month of January. Not in love with the snow and cold, but it is a slow month as far as obligations go, and new beginnings.I catch my breath in January after the rush of the fall season.

  23. Anonymous3:57 PM CST

    Hi pat

    Just stopping by to say hi. Hope your Mom is doing okay. We are back in Florida and the weather is beautiful. Probably November for us is one of the nicest weather months. Although I would have to say that December with Christmas and all it entails would be my favorite month.

    Always loved Christmas.

    Hugs to all


  24. Oh boy - hard when the last one leaves. Thanks for the chance to win a calendar. My favorite month is July - middle of the summer - flip flops and ice cream and lemonade and long days. Bernie

  25. Anonymous4:59 PM CST

    I think it would have to be October, we often get some lovely sunny days and the Fall colours are usually at their best too.

    Your Son is a lucky guy, getting a comfy living room set! Hope you get one to your liking and comfort too.

    Happy stitching and shopping!

    Sandie xx

  26. It sounds as though your son is making a smart move and getting some nice furniture too! Our youngest son is planning to move across the country in the spring - I'm already trying not to think about it. My favourite month - July, my birthday month. It's usually hot and I DO like to be warm!

  27. I feel you pain. I have one child, a son, and when he left for college 750 miles away four years ago, I was just miserable. I am always happiest when the chick is in the nest. Thank goodness for crazy quilting to entertain me!

    My favorite month is May. The promise of spring is moving into the abundance of summer and cold weather seems very far away.

    Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful calender!

  28. Well, I thought I was going to say my favorite month is May, but I think I have to settle on October. The fall colors are mesmerizing, and it looks so beautiful everywhere, I'm sure God had been out late at night painting the leaves so when we rise, it is awe-inspiring. And the temperature is just right, not too hot, not cold, just right! Yes, it has to be October!

  29. My favourite month is September when the real heat of summer is gone and you start to get crisp mornings and warm days. And the leaves change colour. You can't get any better than that.

  30. I think I like October best: the summer heat is gone, the days are fresh and crisp, the trees are glowing in colors, and, there are almost no bugs! I'd love to win your calendar, pat. Thanks for the opportunity.

  31. Hi Pat,
    My favorite month is October. I love the hint of fall in the air. October means harvest is probably almost done and the farm is at rest until Spring. Which means I get to enjoy my husband for the winter!
    The new magazine looks beautiful and I love the calendar! What great year round inspiration!
    Take care, xo, Karen

  32. Hi Pat. It was hard for me to come up with a favorite month since it seems to change as years go by. However, for the past few years I believe January has been my favorite. Although I love the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving (November) and Christmas (December) ... times spent with my huge and wonderful family and the birth celebration of my Lord … January brings for me a quiet reflection of the past year and eager anticipation of the year to come. I find myself spending more time in quiet, be it sitting and staring at a mesmerizing fire or sipping coffee with a good book. At this season in my life I treasure these type moments.

  33. Hi Pat, Like you, I think the time goes by faster and faster as we age. And because of that, I enjoy MOST months. My two favorites are May and October. Both are beautiful, clear and warm here in Utah. May is lush and green (so nice after winter) with lots of birds. October is bright, crisp and clear, with colorful leaves and a feeling of anticipation.

    I am looking forward to the December issue! Hugs, Cathy

  34. Hi Pat!
    For now I am sighing only because, since she started kindergarten, I cannot spend every second with my daughter and now she has a little life of her own, that I am not part of. But as you say, time is going by so fast, that I should get over it and prepare myself to say good bye to my living room set (too) :-)
    My favorite month is October: for some reason the most important things in my life happened in October, on wonderful Indian summer days.

  35. Hi Pat, the Boho book is great!!! Would love to win one of you beautiful calanders. I think my favorite month now is May, I so look forward to the warm days and all the new flowers peeking out. Watching the trees come back to life with all their pretty green leaves. Just wish it could be like that year round.

  36. My favorite month is June because it is WARM and winter seems a long way away.


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